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At Carla Lee’s NutBurgers® we are committed to creating “craveable” non-meat cuisines that everyone will love. We believe that organic is the only true way to safeguard our and our family’s health. WE only use organic and the highest quality natural real food ingredients with nothing artificial. Ever. All of our products are gluten-free, Non-GMO, soy-msg-free, nutrient-dense, and nut-plant-based. We promise to always create delectable, TOTALLY CRAVEABLE, nutrient-dense food that satisfies even the most hardcore Carnivore/Flexitarian, Little Ones, devoted vegans and vegetarians alike—whom we endearing call our growing NutBurger family!

We promise you, from our heart to yours, that you and your family will go NUTZZZ for our growing line of craveable YUMMM!

Won’t you join our NutBurger family and help us share forward what we call “The Love BUZZZ?!”


We believe the best ingredients for our bodies come from nature. Knowing our diet has a profound effect on our total health and innate well-being, we believe in the right to know what’s in our food and demand real nutrient-dense fuel that renews and rebuilds healthy and thriving bodies, hearts, and minds.

Today, WE believe to be health sovereign, it is imperative to know our ingredients, as all life depends on it. Behind deceptive labeling, many neurotoxins, aka: excitotoxins, pesticides and carcinogenic ingredients are still allowed and prevalent in our food supply and making us sick; even products allowed to be called “natural” or organic.

It’s simple. Our body’s perfectly designed bio-systems thrive when we feed them real whole foods that come from nature. Finally. Nurture from nature that is truly so craveable you’ll never miss meat!



BE – BENEVOLENT ENTERPRISE is our new WIN-WIN-WIN model for business which is fed from a fulcrum point that acknowledges that our greatest creations come from the inner prize of being aligned to our highest purpose by contributing our unique gifts not because of what we can get or take from the world, but rather from what WE can give and BE in the world. What energies would you have to be or do today to be a benevolent leader and be the catalytic generator you truly are? What will our world look like when WE courageously challenge ourselves and others to align our who to our do?! I believe that is what we’re about to find out.

More About Who We Be

One Word…

Meaning: Having Qualities That Engender An Intense Desire For More…

  • Organic


  • Non-GMO


  • Gluten-Free


  • No Preservatives


  • High Protein


  • No Protein Isolates


  • Vegan


  • Soy-Free


  • MSG-Free


  • Real Whole Food


  • Loaded With Micro/Macronutrients




Made with organic ingredients: sunflower seeds, cashews, brown rice, and a perfect blend of fresh herbs and spices. All of our “love-in-a-box” meals are made with “nuttin’ but love from Mama Earth…” From your freezer to the oven, grill, skillet, or microwave—to your plate in 10 minutes. Get ready for a taste explosion!

Carla Lee’s NutBurgers

Case of 6 Boxes:


Carla Lee’s NutTacos

Case of 6 Boxes:


Carla Lee’s NutBALLS

Case of 6 Boxes:


Carla Lee’s NutYummms

Case of 7:


NutBurgers Sample Pack



Carla Lee’s NutBurgers
Thai Coconut

Case of 6 Boxes:


Carla Lee’s Healthy Kids Cuisine -NutDoggities

Case of 6 Boxes:


Carla Lee’s Healthy Kids Cuisine -NutQuitos

Case of 6 Boxes:


Carla Lee’s Healthy Kids Cuisine -NutNuggets

Case of 6 Boxes:


Find delicious NutBurgers® recipes that you can easily incorporate in your everyday meals!


  • “They are amazing!  I was really surprise, not only at how good they tasted but how clean the ingredients are.  Winning Combo!” @lifeofsymmetry

  • “Once you stop giggling at the name, these nut balls are pretty dang good. The flavor is stuffing.”


  • “I just want to say thank you for bringing your Nut Tacos into Publix. A friend raved about your products and I was so excited to try them! I’ve been a body builder and a meat eater my whole life and have been wanting to take meat out of my life, even go vegan, but have had a hard time finding any products I like or that are not filled with terrible ingredients. When my local Sprouts keeps selling out of them and I was getting very scared as I eat them nearly everyday now. I continue to enjoy your burgers and tacos and am telling all my friends… I wish you much continued success” -Jonathan Abrami

  • “Wow!! Just wow!  I am blown away by the quality and taste of your products.  Having a restrictive diet doesn’t have to mean deprivation!  Thank you for your quality products.  I am obsessed with the nut tacos.” -Kimberly Stout McKillop


The OneTeam Humanity Vow:

  • WE believe the best ingredients for our bodies should come from nature.
  • WE are co-creating the sharing economy by giving 50% of our net PROFITS to feeding hungry hearts & tummies.
  • WE believe our values and core mission are who WE are.
  • WE believe as Originators we have a duty to serve real food that matters.
  • WE believe food simply prepared with as little processing as possible keeps us healthy.
  • WE believe a commitment to people before profits builds a sustainable future worth choosing.


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