Healthcare or Sickcare?

Our current system of “healthcare” is actually “sickcare,” designed by controlling interests and agendas that only consider the revenue and resources generated from the physical pathologies that they have produced, in order to diagnose the public using their catalogue of pharmaceutically treatable disorders and diseases, inducing and maintaining disease states to create lifelong medical consumers, from cradle to grave. These crimes against humanity not only greatly suppress human consciousness knowing our irreducible connection to nature and our own ability to heal, but these systems generate multiple billions in revenue worldwide.

The combination of growing massive corporate medical and drug profits, damaging bio-neurological functioning through prescribed pharmaceuticals, standardizing psychiatric diagnostic categories for dehumanization agendas, and medically treating humans as soul-less entities and profit centers.

Untitled-1Sovereignty comes through our right to choose what we put into our bodies. This sovereignty comes as we seek to gain truth, outside of what we are told our “taught.” True knowledge can only be gained through resources not attached to these systems, where unbiased science (rare today as funding is connected to desired study results) and true discovery leads to our healing from a sickcare system that profits from our sickness.

Until the governing authorities stop profiting from these crimes against humanity it Is imperative for your short and long term well-of-being to know what ingredients are serving you and take action to avoid as much as possible GMO’s, fluoride, neurotoxins (hiding in the many deceptive labelings), pesticides and chemicals that are dosing our bodies into states of dis-ease.

In your journey to sovereignty it is equally important is to understand that not all proteins are created equal. In most of our “meat alternatives,” ingredients like pea protein, soy and whey protein, and other processed proteins, where the protein has been isolated, hydrolyzed or separated from nature’s intended whole form bond, creates a d-glutamic acid which is artificially and chemically produced outside of the body. These proteins react within our body’s system as a highly addictive “excitotoxin,” which lights our brain’s neurotransmitter’s up like a firecracker on the 4th of July.

Nature provides the perfect nurture, and medicine, by creating nuts, seeds, legumes, grains, vegetables and fruit feed and heal our body’s perfectly designed bio-system.