Planetary Stewardship

In order to step into true Service to Others, and Leadership, one must be willing to clear away all belief systems that feed our false ego identity and separation stories. “ALL IN” is just that. Authentic service is about taking self-responsibility for every façade of ego; to self-actualize and embody God Source authority to serve our individual gifts, missionsand divine blueprint during this time of our evolutionary process. This is a time when WEare moving from Service to Self and the separation stories that govern our current fear-greed-based systems to Service to Others; to raisethe moral character, ethics and true self-leadership to become stewards to serving the highest good of others and our planet.Capture

True Leadership is about understanding “for he who has been given much, much is required.”  “All In” is about our own willingness to dismantle every area where we are not living aligned in Service to Others. Speaking to others with this level of authority is not a “do as I say, not as I do,” it is being the action we wish to see in the world; emanating strength, compassion, discernment, and virtue, living within the Law of One, supporting humanity in their own very individual journey and process of dismantling false belief systems and personal agendas that feed the separation story to connect to our true Creation template, and spiritual evolution in the micro and macro.

To return unity which is our superlative state of being, WE must live the principles of the Cosmic Law of ONE. There are no vacations, hall passes or shades of grey to living “all in” to moral character, true integrity and the necessary humanness and compassionate communication necessary to speak courageously against ALL that is not in service to The Law of ONE. This is not a task for the weak at heart as we must challenge relationships that are based on the separation story games of emotional commerce and disingenuine relationships that feed the self.

Because our current structures and systems are all fed by a separation story, it is imperative that when we accept this Leadership role of influencing others, we must be willing, daily, and in each moment, to radiate our strength of spiritual wisdom, love and authentic stewardship. The spiritual implications of negating this responsibility are many.

In this great time of change, we are all being called to shatter our own illusions and face our own false ego identities and dbuckelusions in order to uninstall false belief systems for our own reconnections to our higher spiritual intelligence and direct consciousness in service to birthing a planetary shift of consciousness, where the ONE serves the ONE.

There is a primary energy that becomes embodied as one dedicates oneself “ALL IN” to BE a beacon of Service to Others to impact and support others who are also being called to step into their own spiritual authority, Leadership and Planetary Stewardship.

Our old comparison and competition games are part of the separation story. Our divine signature purposes here on earth are unique; and every human here on earth today plays a critical role for our consciousness evolving.

There’s so much surfacing now leading us to understanding that all is not as it appears on the surface. Indeed, it can be painful to wake up and see the carnage we all bear the cross of from living in these separation stories, as we move from the “I” to the “WE.” These synthetic mind-control enslavement systems have stripped us all of our true inheritance as Brothers and Sisters of a most treasured Earth and Star Nation. In the micro, we can each serve our own role to empower, motivate and inspire a true macro planetary evolution of stewardship, of love, unity and true compassion for that which serves all.  Living “All in” for the ONE, co-creates living a life that is ONE for ALL.

Is it not time to deeply contemplate our own inner planetary stewardship aligned to our Creation Blueprint of an irreducible and interconnected nature to all living systems of life?

Every day, steps can be taken in the right direction. Every choice we make affects the WE of the planet. Knowledge is power. Waking up is self-responsibility for areas we are unknowingly complicit. Self-responsibility is about recognizing the harmful truths of this world and being pro-active about responding vs. reacting in a way that embodies what you now know. When you find out that animals are brutally mutilated, confined in spaces not large enough to moo-ve, and that “aged” beef isn’t special it’s aged because there is so much trauma in the meat that it is too tough to eat and that our dairy cows are artificially inseminated, aka raped, to be pregnant 365 days a year, greatly diminishing their life spans, you now have a conscious decision to make. Perhaps the journey to Going V is joining the ranks of 100M Americans who are going meatless on Mondays. These are personal decisions that no one has a right to judge. WE can all play a role in being a part of the solution. Together, our individual conscious decisions can truly make an impact that can make each one of us a Leader and Steward for change! Rise up and realize WE do vote voice and soul into how we spend our money. Let’s become stewards of our money and put our money where your heart is!