Our mission at Carla Lee’s NutBurgers®


WE believe that food is fuel derived from nature. Our mission is to only create the pinnacle of YUMMMM nutritionally loaded meals, sourced from real whole food organic ingredients that come from the Goodness From Our Earth,™ nurture from nature which serves humanity in building optimum health. WE believe that one-bite, one-heart and one-person-at-a-time WE can empower the new benevolent capitalism power-with model for enterprise, where true wealth, health and sovereignty comes from the inside/out. Abundance is an internal way of being that chooses love by putting our highest good, first always, before profits! WE believe that adding back in the missing ingredient—love—into our food, is how WE connect and how WE each contribute to co-creating a world, and future, worth choosing.

Even our “organic” and “natural” meat alternatives and thousands of other “frankenfoods” on the shelves are loaded with “isolated,” “hydrolyzed” and separated proteins and harmful highly addictive neurotoxins known as “excitotoxins” hiding under deceptive labeling which act as auto-immune disruptors in our bodies and are known to cause disease. It’s simple. Our body’s perfectly designed bio-systems thrive when we feed them real whole foods that come from nature.

While science can discover quantum quarks, it will be quantum millenniums before man (or food scientists) can think they can isolate or genetically modify nature’s perfect laws, food, or order, by pulling the wool over Mother Nature’s intentional medicine—real whole food ingredients sourced straight from the Goodness From our Earth.™

At Carla Lee’s NutBurgers® WE are committed to bridging “the gap” between real food vs. frankenfood for the carnivores, little ones, vegetarians, vegans and flexitarians alike by creating “craveable” non-meat cuisine that takes natural eating to a whole new paradigm by offering a diverse line of internationally-themed innovative gourmet meat alternatives that only provides food fuel made with organic real whole food ingredients that are gluten-free, non-GMO, soy-msg-free, high protein, nutrient dense nut-plant-based “nuttin but love from Mama Earth, with no fillers, additives, isolated or artificial. Ever.



Because we know that building a sustainable future worth choosing is empowered through the action of The People—our Humanity. It is The People who do make the difference by breathing soul into how WE each vote with the voice our dollar and the choices WE make every day.

Individuals, families and communities that share an improved well-being are more compassionate for one another and our planet. WE are dedicated to educating families, treated by big manufacturers as “consumers,” on deceptive labeling, unhealthy additives & dangerous toxins in our food; helping humanity regain our sovereignty to create a sustainable world now and for life.

WE believe that enoughness is the new heart-centered buzzz word. WE believe that to live in a world where WE all have enough WE each have a responsibility as stewards, as Brothers and Sisters of our shared planet, to contemplate what is enough? WE believe WE can all be the change by all giving a little to all have enough? And, we’re walking (living) our talk.

How can WE each contribute to co-creating a Future Worth Choosing?

WE believe that knowledge is power and the first step to our sovereignty and liberation. Join us as OneTeam in pro-actively demanding that our food suppliers and governmental authorities, who responsibility is to protect our highest good, many who are fueled by ruthless power-over competition and greed, stop using harmful and toxic ingredients that cause disease in our bodies.

You can contribute, every day, by educating yourself, voting soul as power into your dollar, and sharing forward to your families, friends, and co-workers new real food options you love, from companies who walk their talk and who truly do care and place our highest good, first always, before profits. Choose love and ONLY use wholesome whole food ingredients that and “clean” from pesticides, GMO’s, and harmful “fractionalized, isolated, hydrolyzed our autolyzed anything.”

Food is fuel for our bodies. Our optimum health means choosing food made from real whole food and organic ingredients. Your pro-active choice to take charge of your health supports and protects you and your families overall happiness and well-being, and gives back through action, gratitude and love, to the goodness that comes from our Mother Earth.

Join us, one-bite, one-heart & one-person-at-a-time, for together, WE can call our “power-with” collective voice, millions growing to billions, to demand accountability and change to co-create a future worth choosing!!


Carla Lee’s OneTeam is committed to being the new model for enterprise. We’re a unity-based socially-heart centered company whose story began organically. We love to share our story because WE believe our liberation and sovereignty is bound to one another. It is because of our growing NutBurger family that we believe we can build a game-changing sustainable future that works for ALL.

The company’s genesis began when even Carla’s Carnivore friends kept sharing they “craved” NutBurgers®. Two months after a friend who was making organic school lunches encouraged her to meet his “co-packer,” the journey began at the largest US food show, Naturals Product WEST, 2013, when Carla and her OneTeam family who didn’t even know what a Sell Sheet was received numerous top picks backed from the support of Vegans and show Vendors who literally dragged the Buyers from Whole Foods, Krogers and distributors over saying, “you’ve got to try these, they’re the best food in the show.” Here at OneTeam Humanity Foods, we say there rest of our story is history in the making…and it is because of our growing NutBurger family that together WE believe we can change the way we eat, connect and love. (create link to video)

Carla’s passion has always been fueled from loving people by whipping up extra heapings of laughter and creating lasting memories through sharing craveable meals. She jokes that the food business found her, but then shares authentically, there is no such thing as coincidence. She also at the time of creating NutBurgers® didn’t fully comprehend how what she had created mixed up perfectly with her life’s service work, centered on exposing truths; to empower our liberation and sovereignty, individually and collectively. Believing there’s a deep correlation between food and our well-of-being, she shares courageously that she believes that as Leaders and Manufacturers we have a moral and ethical responsibility to humanity and our world to fully return love, the missing ingredient, back into our food and choices today. Every day, our OneTeam gains a tangible understanding of how Carla Lee’s nut-plant-based meals are playing a vital role in being a real game-changer in feeding “hungry hearts and tummies,” by providing “craveable” real whole food ingredients from nature that even the discriminating Carnivore, Little Ones, Vegans and Vegetarians alike are truly going NUTZZZ about.

The new BUZZZ word today is 100M Americans, aka: “Flexitarians” who are choosing to go meatless during their week and life for health and personal reasons. Carla loves to create and has surrounded herself with a OneTeam of industry disruptors and new millenniums, who are also committed to a co-creating a paradigm shifting possibility for upleveling the way we eat, connect and serve together to challenge some of the real obstacles standing between our ability to find truly “clean” food from smaller companies, local farmers and entrepreneurs in a food industry that’s gone sour. WE care more about people, than profits and trust in the new unity-based enterprise (innerprize) model for business. Our OneTeam believes there is more than enough and that authentic prosperity is about giving back in ways that co-creates a . S.R.O.I. (social return of investment) and leads by asking the question, is the choice I am making serving the highest good for ALL?

While our hands are gratefully full in our new production facility, stirring up more “love in a box” for our growing NutBurger family, we understand that the key to our shared liberation is to support families by educating on deceptive labeling, GMO’s and helping others to connect the dots to what is causing the pandemic rise in disease affecting millions of even our children. As Carla began to receive letters and calls from people sharing how much they loved NutBurgers® line-up and the 90 miles round trips they’d make to get them, like from Claire, a 62 year old celiac patient who said, “this is the only food I like that doesn’t make me sick”, Carla began to understand from real testimonies how difficult it is to find “clean” food from real healing ingredients from nature that tastes amazing. Carla has since become, aside from her roles as Founder and CEO, foodie creator and overall overseer of being a steward to growing the business, committed to continuing to be a vocal “front line speaking advocate” to empower humanity by correlating food to either being healing medicine from nature, designed for our bodies, to be nurture or act as a leading cause for our health’s decline which effects our overall well-being, individually and collectively. Across humanity, we believe we all share the same basic needs; to thrive by sharing real food as love from nature that matters.

Carla’s family includes Gizmo and Shadow, 5 grandbabies, and her extended family who includes all the most amazing and talented OneTeam family members who understand and live the tangible difference of service to a common vision for co-creating new unity-based models where service to humanity is what makes us all thrive from the inside/out. All of our OneTeam are excited to be cooking up more “love in a box” for you, whom we endearing call our growing NutBurger family.

Infinite Gratitude for helping us share forward “The Love BUZZZ…” and helping us ALL to our part to co-create a sustainable future worth choosing! YUMMMMMM…

Meet the OneTeam



25 Years of Entreprenueral success in financial, sales & building/development of commercial and estate properties. Impassioned foodie Creator of “craveable.”



Greg Feinberg is an expert in the retail landscape and has successfully built several emerging CPG brands. Greg consults with Investment Bankers and utilizes his legal training, CEO skillset and relationships to groom M&A.


President, Retail Sales

Tom has over 40 years experience as a senior leader in the CPG industry having begun his career with Procter & Gamble in the Southeast. Tom’s career is equally divided having been a senior partner in two major southeastern food brokerage companies as well as VP Sales for both large and mid-size CPG manufacturers.


Retail Sales Manager

Doug, a leader in CPG and emerging brands for over 28 years. Doug was a managing partner at Kelley-Clarke, Inc. and Acosta Sales & Marketing, the nation’s largest sales organization. This has allowed Doug to see both sides of the industry & can fully understand how best to create national brands of all sizes.


Retail Sales Manager

Jim has over 40 years experience in the CPG business. Jim has served senior roles and has personal connection with K-Mart, Walmart, Giant Eagle and Kroger. Jim has had tremendous success in gaining distribution for new and emerging products, where others could not.



Dennis L. Bergquist, has held various senior financial executive & board positions & has more than 25 years’ experience in the US & worldwide as a NASDAQ & London Stock Exchange “AIM” Chief Financial Officer in such growth industries as CPG, manufacturing & distribution.




Self-made Entrepreneur. Groomed International IT company sold to BMC Software in 2003 and now invests in start-up companies to insure their success to sale.



Mike assists as business consultant with capital raises, preparing companies for sale, acquisition and divestitures for privately help companies and has experience in food sector.



Jackie brings 20+ of entrepreneurial management and acted as Director of Marketing in CPG, Grocers and mass merchants with Mass Connections. Her strengths are in business management and operations.

Brand Development & Marketing


Graphics & Art Director

School of Fish is a full-service media, production, branding, marketing and strategy company based in San Francisco and Los Angeles. With almost two decades of experience, the award-winning School of Fish has a complete understanding of all facets of media production and how to strategical use branded content through various media channels to achieve increased awareness, revenue and participation.

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