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Maria Whalen

Maria Whalen empowers sovereignty from the broken “sick care system.” She counteracts, disrupts and dismantles the outdated and obsolete approach of both western and alternative systems of healthcare and treatment.

Janet E. Verney

Janet E. Verney is the founder of ROOTS2Wellness and is an everyday, ordinary person who believes in the magic of miracles, the good in others, the power of action, and the healing power of love. She has served in leadership roles in both education and biotechnology. She is currently a healthy food chef, an artist, an educator in collective Health & Healing, a certified Health Coach, and author. Her passion lies in people and their ability to heal. She is certified by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She lives and breathes health and wellness, with a passion for creativity, imagination, and life!

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Charity Lighten

Charity Lighten is a wife, mother of 4, business owner, and lover of food! She grew up in Canada and received her degree in Accounting from Brigham Young University. Her real passion, however, is for nutrition and the power of food – especially as it pertains to disease prevention. She is certified as a plant-based nutritionist through Cornell University and is a Food for Life Instructor for the Cancer Project. She teaches healthy cooking classes all over Utah and can be seen regularly on Channel 2 News. She is currently working towards her Masters in Nutrition from Tufts University. She can also be found on Instagram @avibrantlife

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Dr. Taylor Krick

Dr. Taylor Krick graduated in 2008 from Colorado State University with a degree in Health and Exercise Science and a concentration in Sports Medicine, and then continued on to Palmer College of Chiropractic to receive his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 2012. He is also fully certified in Maximized Living Spinal Correction and Maximized Living Nutrition Plans.

Dr. Taylor has a passion for helping people reach their God-given potential to live a Maximized Life, and his favorite thing to see are families and children whose entire futures have been changed because someone was bold enough to tell their parents the truth about health, so the kids don’t have to live a life of sickness and medications (like Dr. Taylor did as a child).

Dr. Taylor, Align Family Chiropractic, and Maximized Living Utah are on a mission to see the entire Salt Lake Valley change the way it views and manages health, from the inside-out, through the Five Essentials of Maximized Living. We ask for you to join our mission to reach others and teach them about true health and healing so that we change their lives for the better and help transform this Valley and this World.

Eloise Nelson

Eloise Nelson PhD is a Holistic Nutritionist with 35 years of experience in nutrition, natural health care and exercise training; specializing in nutritional and lifestyle education; weight reduction, women’s health care, eating disorders, and substance abuse. She authored the self-help book, The 14 Day Gourmet Cleanse & Rejuvenation Program (2005) and continues to teach two-week seminars and one day educational workshops on nutrition and food preparation, as well as provide individual consultations in the areas of lifestyle enhancement, anti-aging and longevity. She teaches workshops at the Vitality Center, located in the Vail Mountain Lodge and Spa. Eloise has been formulating nutritional products for 23 years and is a co-founder and president of Foodie Fuel Inc., which produces a delicious organic, gluten-free, non-gmo, paleo-friendly, vegan snack line called Foodie Fuel. She lives in Boulder, CO and is the Mother of 3 sons, age 17, 25 and 30.

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KJ Landis

KJ Landis, B.S. Ed., is an educator, life and wellness coach, mom, wife, photographer, and server. After losing 50 pounds, she relentlessly researched the latest data in non- biased clinical studies to help herself and others maintain the fat loss. She developed a system of slow shifts in eating lifestyle that married ancient ways of healing with new ideas, resulting in energy renewal and balance. Landis hosts wellness workshops, blogs, and creates videos weekly for nutritional nuggets of wisdom one can learn from. She lives and works in San Francisco.

Sandi Bruce

Sandi is an artist, healer & seeker. Her business, “Sweet Solutions”, is dedicated to providing her clients healthy & healing products & services.

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