Bio-Photons: Lifeforce Energy as Food

Sunlight, transferred as bio-photon communication to our cells, is the vital lifeforce energy that supports all life and communication within our bodies. We receive this energy through sunlight and the transfer of this energy into our plants and nuts, as food nourishment.

Without the sun, there is no life.

Humans are living photocells who derive our bio-photon lifeforce energy and communication through sunlight; our biological nutrient. This energy of lifeforce is stored in our food, or not.

We have all noticed the revitalizing effects of sunlight on our body and our spirits when we “soak” up the sun. The latest research (Prof. F.A. Popp and Dr. H. Niggli) shows us that our food quality, as measured by the foods biophoton light energy, is the critical component that controls vital complex processes in our body.

Is your food alive or dead?

In 1970, Americans spent $6B on fast food. In 2000, we have become a fast-food dependent society that contributes over $100B, more than 90% of our food allocation dollars on fast-food. That’s more money that we spend on education, computers, and new cars.

The latest research (Prof. F.A. Popp and Dr H. Niggli) shows that, in addition to the chemical composition of our food, light energy (biophotons) is also an important factor in food quality. The more light a food is able to store, the more nutritious it is. Naturally grown fresh vegetables, for example, and sun-ripened fruits are rich in light energy. The capacity to store biophotons is therefore the only measure that determines the lifeforce energy quality of our food absorbed by our body’s systems.

Lights on or lights off?

What does this mean to you and me?

We are walking human bio-photosynthesis. Our bodies DNA and RNA not only absorbs light, but also emits light and this communication is what allows for the undisturbed flow of information which maintains our metabolism, as well as every other life process. The only way the entire cell metabolism can work at the required light speed to feed the informational communication transfer necessary for the synthesis of proteins, carbohydrates and lipids as well as effectively communicate with our body the healthy mix of neurotransmitters to achieve optimum health and healing for our body’s bio-computational system is through an undisturbed flow of information and communication.

Lights off…

Dead, genetically modified and overprocessed foods have a lack of light energy which creates a disturbance in the flow or processes of life, creating a lack of energy and blockages which can occur on all levels, affecting our states of well-being from the inside/out. Hence, any dis-ease can be interpreted as a physical manifestation “symptom” created through a loss of information and communication within our body.

Ever notice you could have just eaten, even may be stuffed, yet your body is still hungry and craving something? That is simply because we are not feeding our body the nutrient-dense light energy that it needs. Being pro-active healers in our co-creating own well-being happens when we begin to honor creating times of silence. When we quiet the chaos in our lives to listen to our central intelligence activator (CIA), our hearts, we will be pro-active manifestors of choosing love. Only when we are truly present (pre-sent) with ourselves can we than offer our presence, through reflection, into the life of others.

That is when life gets really yummmm!!

Choosing Love – If you don’t, who will?

Everyday, choose love for yourself, by adopting an eating plan that incorporates juicing and eating meals that are nutrient-dense lifeforce energy supplies. Within less than one month, the time that NASA has proven it takes to open up new neural pathways in our brain to form new habits, you should begin to notice significant improvements in your energy and health. The great thing about juicing is that it is not only low in carbohydrates which mininimally disturbs insulin metabolism, but by incorporating this lifestyle change; making it easy to reach consuming 50% of your energy intake from energy dense food that is raw—loving your body in a way that will support feelings of well-being and life.

And, our course, you can count on our OneTeam of life-force meals: NutBurgers, Thai Coconut NutBurgers, NutBalls and NutTacos to support you and your body in feeding it the love, through plant-based nutrient-dense YUMMMM. We tag lined them as “craveable” because of the many people who share, “I crave them…”

Yes, incorporating any new habit takes a concerted effort. Use the time to honor yourself. Each time you say: I love you to your body, you give others permission to love you as well. Love is generated from within.

NutBurgers and our entire lifeforce product line was created to support even the Carnivore in adopting a way of eating that not only supplies our bodies with the nutrients we “crave,” but does so in a way that satisfies even the most discriminating of palates and provides ease, flow and joy into our busy lifestyles, without compromising our body’s needs.

It has been a joy to repeatedly hear, “I crave them…” To which my heart smiles as I often reply, it is really your body communicating a big hug and thanking you for finally feeding it with the lifeforce energy it needs to thrive.

Our crafty marketers and neuroscientists know the addictive qualities to additives like sugar and dead “junk” food. It is a “fast-fix” that our body’s system pays for. Food is energy. Energy is the sunkiss of love to our bodies. Everything we feed into our body in thoughts, in food, and choices, through actions does matter!

Feeding our bodies and hearts what we need to thrive doesn’t have to come by sacrificing what we call the “YUMMM” factor.

Remember, knowledge is power. Ignorance is simply a lack of knowledge.

Help us share forward “The Love Buzzzz…” Because WE matter!!