Busting Myths: About Protein & Eating a Nut-Plant Based Diet

There are over 16M Vegetarians and Vegans in the US. While those numbers are slowly growing, there is a major category, 100M Americans (1/3 of our population), that are now known as “Flexitarians.” What sets this multi-billion dollar fastest growing market segment apart is the Flexitarian who is educating themselves and seeking healthier alternatives to reduce their meat consumption regularly, and will not sacrifice flavor, texture or palette to eat healthier.

You want the good or bad news first? Here’s the bad news: As the demand rises there will be companies that will respond by having their food scientists and wall street funded crafty marketing teams mix up batches in the science lab creating inexpensive, yet highly profitable, ingredient panels with paid celebrity endorsements that do not, nor ever will, serve our body or our highest good in the short or long term. The good news: As the demand grows, we’ll see more socially and eco-responsible “power-with” unity-based companies come onto the horizon to restore our body’s hope and goodwill by putting people, our humanity, before profits. We at OneTeam Humanity Foods are here to make a quantum difference in the way WE eat, connect and love, by adding back in to our food the missing ingredient—love—by cooking up real whole food sourced from organic real food that matters to your body and life!

Proteins are not created equal.
Proteins Are NOT Created Equal.
Many of today’s meat alternatives have big Boards with big $$$$$ behind their crafty yet deceptive marketing campaigns. Shifting through those ingredients means getting a nutritional degree. Did you know there are 40 deceptive labelings for MSG, like “yeast extract, soy and whey protein” to name a few and are highly addictive neurotoxins, known as an Excitotoxin, which penetrates our blood/brain barrier and destroys our body systems and kills our brain cells in a 1-hour period. These neurotoxins are directly linked to obesity and diabetes (a major health crises effecting our children) and major diseases like ALS, ADD, ADHD, Autism, Asthma, Epilepsy, Fibromyalgia, High Blood Pressure, Inflammation, MS, Sleeping Disorders, Vision Problems, Hypoglycemia and more.

Eating healthy today isn’t about just substituting meat for any “protein.” If fact, many highly-processed proteins, like whey, soy or pea are “hydrolyzed, autolyzed or “isolates” and are not whole foods. Our body’s intelligent bio-systems were designed to receive fuel energy from the bio-photon emissions from our sun that are transferred into nature’s whole nuts, seeds, beans, fruits and plants. While science can discover quantum quarks, it will be quantum millenniums before man can think they can isolate nature’s whole foods and negate perfect universal laws or order by pulling the wool over mother nature’s intentional medicine—whole foods sourced straight from the Goodness From our Earth™.

If you’re on this website, it’s because you’ve decided to eat heathier and contribute to a smaller footprint on our treasured Mama Earth. And, in doing so, together, one-bite, one-heart, and one-person-at-a-time WE co-create a sustainable and non-violent future worth choosing!

There are a lot of myths about Vegetarian or Vegans not getting enough protein. Let’s explore the myths and uplevel your knowledge, your health and your power….

If you don’t know the phrase “engineering by consent,” aka: opinion molding, we can thank Edward Bernay’s, uncle of Sigmund Freud, for studying the human mind and getting paid big bucks and even becoming herald as “famous” by Presidents, Tabaco companies, big pharma, our fluoride industry and our food industry to “opinion mold” a falsehood with crafty marketing campaigns by using an “expert” to engineer and program a myth into what becomes trusted by a mass populace as fact. Now, 30 years later, those campaigns like “pass the other butter” which were laced with harmful and fake oils have our big pharma and medical industry laughing at us “sheeple” all the way to the banks as they fatten their ivy league lifestyles at the expense of our health. In 1917, at the start of those “healthy” oil campaigns we had 60 Cardiologists and today there are over 6,000. No doubt, we’re focused on being more health conscious than ever, but consciousness isn’t equaling truth, rather anarchy, if we’ve been deliberately denied facts and deceived by the double frap deceppicino. To make a choice under the laws of free and sovereign will, we must be presented with real truth about what we’re actually putting into our bodies/minds/hearts to make informed decisions.

Vegetarians & Vegans Don’t Get Enough Protein.
False. We been brainwashed by the meat industry to have us associate meat with protein, making us think we need more protein than our bodies need, taxing our liver and other processing systems in our bodies, causing inflammation. Not to mention all the hormones and other pesticides we’re ingesting as the feedlots are supplementing their hay with GMO soy, corn grain and other ingredients in their feed. Below is the amount of protein an average male and female need in their daily diet. The good news is that eating real food proteins from nuts, seeds, legumes, fruit and from plants makes your body rock and doesn’t have to taste boring or like cardboard, it can truly be “craveable”!

So How Much Protein Is Recommended?
The Institute of Medicine puts protein RDAs at 0.4 to 0.9 grams per pound of body weight. The higher end is for athletes. Remember though, just like we’ve been getting fat and sick believing “a calorie is just a calorie,” protein is not just protein. Based on these guidelines, they recommend the following protein RDAs:

  • Adult Males: 56 grams per day
  • Adult Females: 46 grams per day

Body Builders And Athletes Can’t Get Enough Protein.

Vegan Body BuilderFalse. In fact, when our bodies process dead flesh the amount of energy required actually effects performance at every level. Food is energy, derived through the photosynthesis of the sun’s bio-photon emissions and how much light energy is in our food, in the form of bio-photon energy, equates to how much lifeforce energy is feeding our human bio-informational intelligence system.

Body Builder, 77 year old, Jim Morris is a vegan and shared in an interview for PETA, “The protein in animal products is so laden with fats and chemicals and all sorts of stuff that’s harmful to you,” Robert Cheeke is a vegan. Tony Gonzalez, Hank Aaron, Venus Williams, Joe Namoth, Carl Lewis, Ricky Williams are all vegetarians.

Our Greatest Inventors Of All Time Were Avid Vegetarians or Vegans.


True. Einstein, Tesla, Gandhi, Voltaire, Pythagoras, Plato, Socrates, Michael Angelo, Leo Tolstoy, Edward Bernard Shaw, Sir Isaac Newton, Steve Jobs.



We’ve got some pretty hot celebrities who are Vegan and Vegetarians:
Celebrity VegetariansDid You Know?

It takes 16 pounds of grain to produce one pound of beef. Plus 2,500 gallons of water are required to produce that pound of burger. About 8 times more fossil fuel energy is required to produce animal protein as compared to plant protein. Only 1/6 (one-sixth) of an acre of land is required to feed a vegan for a year, while 3 1/4 acres of land (about 20 times more) is required to feed a meat eater.

Here’s the main reasons why people are going Vegetarian or Vegan:

Vegetarian Foods Are Boring and Taste Like Cardboard.
False. While the growing demand is greater than the supply, there are some truly amazing tasting vegetarian and vegan foods coming into the market to meet the growing demand for real food and convenience for our busy lifestyle’s. You just gotta be in the know to know your ingredient panels so your choice to not eat meat is actually feeding and fueling your body with real food and healthy lifeforce energy.

Yes, vegetarians can get fat and unhealthy. Bottom line, eating food that may be classified vegetarian or vegan like Oreo cookies, crackers, cheeses, eggs or dairy doesn’t mean they’re good for you or your body.

Once you begin to experience how good “clean” food can feel in your body, since we’re all foodies at heart, as food represents primordial nurture on many levels, you’ll find you’ll “crave” food that you never knew existed. It soon becomes fun to experiment on new recipes that honor our body and let our nurture come from nature.

Eating Vegetables Doesn’t Fill Me Up.
True. In order to feel satiated you’ll want to feed your body a mixture of complex carbohydrates and protein from nuts, seeds, and legumes, aka: micro and macronutrients and healthy fats (like coconut & avocado) that come from plants and nut-based oils. As you begin to listen to your body, you’ll become your own doctor as no one size fits all works as we’re all uniquely different, as are our needs.

Our OneTeam challenges you to eat a NutBurger,™ NutBall, ™ or NutTaco™ and tell me you’re not totally happy from the outside/in and experience what we call “the clean energy fuel burn” from the inside/out for at least 4 hours. There are recipes on-line and being shared between our growing NutBurger family that have hardcore proteinavores argue, “I taste meat…”

How Important Is An Organic Diet?
As we see a pandemic rise in obesity, diabetes, autism and ADHD in even children, it doesn’t take to many dots to connect these fake oils, toxins and scientific food projects laced with these harmful neurotoxins to our food and water to our health. Eating organic while it is priced expensively is worth it if you can do so and if you go V, you’ll actually save monies, support your body and our planet’s health. Remember, our market is driven by the voice of our dollars and the more people demanding them, the more farmers will convert their practices to organic, which will also support our pricing coming down, And, as WE each do our part in sharing “The Love BUZZZ” forward to protect our families and planet from GMO’s, pesticides, toxins and other harmful chemicals and additives allowed in our food, we each contribute to co-creating a sustainable and non-violent future worth choosing.

A Gift And A Friendly Challenge.
We’ll bet a free box that any Carnivore, Proteinavore, Little One, Flexitarian, Vegan or Veg Foodies alike will go NUTZZZ for NutBurgers, NutBalls and NutTacos. The challenge: let’s see how fast we can share “The Love BUZZZ” with your family, friends and loved ones so we can co-create a sustainable future worth choosing!


That’s what our OneTeam, animal kingdom and Mama Earth calls a happy ending!!

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