Co-creating a Future Worth Choosing

How do we create a future worth choosing?

By voting soul into your action, and dollar, by the choices you make, every day.

The exponential power of “two or more” will always be in the collective voice, and action, of The People. When did we get downgraded titles of “Consumers,” being deceptively labeled as barcodes and Sheeple by Global Elitists?

As a manufacturer who cares, we have decided to, through “power-with” action, make choices that are not governed by the old unsustainable “power-over” model of commerce which puts profits and ruthless competition, before, The People…. Our Humanity.

Yes, bottom line, it does cost more to produce the pinnacle of YUMMMM nutritionally loaded meals, with no fillers, no harmful or toxic ingredients and to only add natural ingredients sourced from the Goodness From Our Earth,™ that contributes to co-creating a world, and future, worth choosing.

You see, manufacturers contribute to huge consumption and waste. In our hearts, we believe it is our responsibility, to lead, by not just talking the talk and walking to the bank, and boardrooms, leading the general public astray by fancy advertising and deceptive labeling that is creating a sick, obese and unhealthy society. As leaders, we believe that we must walk the talk, encouraging others to also vote soul into their action, and dollar, by sharing messages, education and research from non-biased “experts,”, products and companies whose action is integrity which demonstrates we care more about families, and health, than we do about profits, by never compromising our health by using any known toxins or harmful ingredients.

Why Are We Donating 100% of our Net Proceeds to feed humanity?

Because we know that building a sustainable future worth choosing is empowered through the action of The People—our Humanity, who can and do make the difference by breathing soul into how we each vote with the voice our dollar and our feet, as action. We believe in a co-creating a new dialogue, and conversation, about “enoughness.”

How can we co-create a Future Worth Choosing?

Simply… One-heart and One-Person-At-A-Time… Join us as OneTeam in pro-actively demanding that our food suppliers, many who are fueled by ruthless power-over competition and greed, stop using harmful ingredients and known toxins that cause dis-ease in our bodies, period. You can contribute, every day, by educating yourself, voting with your dollar, and sharing forward to your families, friends, and co-workers new products you love from companies who use only wholesome and clean, NON-GMO, organic and natural ingredients, that are loaded with plant-based “Goodness From The Earth.™ Your pro-active choice to take charge of your health supports and protects you and your families overall happiness and well-being, and gives back by co-creating and sharing, through action, your gratitude to the goodness and life-force energy that comes from our most divine Mother Earth and Sun.

Join us, One-Heart-At-A-Time; together, WE can call our “power-with” collective voice, millions growing to billions, to demand accountability and change to co-create a future worth choosing!!