Glyphosate—The Holy Grail Systemic Root Cause of Explosion Of ALL Modern-Day Disease And How Organic Is ONLY Answer

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Rounding up the facts is downright crazymaking these days to determine what foods are safe to consume. There’s a silent sleeping giant—Glyphosate—The Holy Grail—root, root cause of the pandemic explosion in all modern-day disease that scientists warn could destroy life in less than two decades that sprouts the seeds of this live-saving message.

This “code red Armageddon” health alert presents the apocalyptic results of an industrialized agriculture wave that has amassed riches—yielding us a harvest of ignorance due to lies of omission which have taken us farther and farther away from honoring nature’s laws and access to the only source of “naturally occurring” true medicine—plants—the lifeforce supplier of 9 life-essential amino acids that our bodies can only get from plants.

While many documentaries are waking up us to the health dangers to GMOs, the real lethal ingredient responsible for the “birth” of GMOs was fueled by glyphosate. Where this cover-up gets even more toxic is in the truth that glyphosate is a classified water soluble “antibiotic medicine,” which annihilates our plants ability to feed our bodies what they need.

The assumption of seeing a “Non-GMO” health claim on the package does not protect you from the real issue forking up our health—glyphosate.According to leading endocrinologists, given the current levels of endocrine disruptors in our environment, the human race will be unable to reproduce by 2060. The human fertility rate has dropped by 50% from what it was in 1970. Man-made toxic chemicals, and in particular endocrine disruptors, are a key threat to the survival of the human species.

And, because glyphosate is water soluble it lethally permeates and annihilates every path it crosses.

Farming with Glyphosate

In the wake of a $289M verdict to Dewayne Johnson went public, many consumers still to not know it by name. Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup is the most widely used herbicide in the history of agriculture, employed by farmers and landscapers as a powerful weed killer. While this deadly herbicide is most notorious for its use with genetically modified crops to resist the otherwise devastating effect of glyphosate has on anything in its path.

Health critical to note is that gyphosate use is not limited to the just GMO food crops. Banned for use with organic farming, glyphosate use is employed by the rate of 1.2 billion pounds annually by conventional farmers, who spray it on their fields between plantings in order to reduce weed populations, and who use it as a drying desiccant on grains, beans, pea, soy, canola and most non-organic crops. In this common technique, farmers apply glyphosate to the crop as it is nearing maturity in order to speed the process up; two weeks after a glyphosate application, the crop is dry and ready for harvest, a much quicker turnaround than waiting for the crop to dry down on its own.

Hidden Glyphosates

When used as a desiccant, glyphosate is sprayed only on non-GMO crops (because GMO crops would not be killed by it), and it is applied very close to the harvest window, affording little time for the chemical to break down before it is systemically absorbed into the vegetation and then processed into food. Let’s say that crop is oats and the food product is plain oatmeal. If no artificial flavors are added, a company has the legal right to label it “natural”. Because GMO oats don’t exist, they also have the right to label that product “GMO free”. Since the FDA does not regularly test for glyphosate residue in food or require its use to appear on the product label, the story appears to end there: natural and GMO free sounds pretty good, even if it’s not certified organic. Because the practice of using glyphosate as a desiccant is widespread, its residues are likely to wind up in certain foods. In 2016, the FDA released test results finding glyphosate residues in a number of grain products. Independent studies have made similar findings. This combination of glyphosate use on non-GMO crops and misleading labeling led to a lawsuit filed against a major cereal company last spring and we’ll seeing many more.

While research on the health impacts of low-level glyphosate residue is limited, studies show an increase in findings that point to glyphosate as a culprit in chronic health conditions including the explosion in autism, cancers, all neuro-degenerative diseases Alzeimer’s, Parkisons, MS, ALS, Lyme disease and chronic auto-immune inflammatory diseases, but that is just the tip of the iceberg when we trace what it is doing to our plants. In 2015, the World Health Organization labelled it a probable carcinogen and California has labeled it a known carcinogen. The devastation this water soluble poison is decimating our environment, it is in our water, and because it is water soluble 75% of the air you are breathing is laced with this deadly chemical. So, why isn’t this front-page headlines? That’s a agri-chem-pharma cartel laced kind of multi-trillion dollar question. Trace the money and you’ll find the answer.

Glyphosate lethally destroys our plant’s shikimate pathway’s ability to allow the chemical processes to produce the life-essential amino acids, enzymes, alkaloids, bacteria and fungi life-necessary for all mammals.

There has never been a more lethal bio-chemical warfare engaged against humanity, which threatens now our very existence. While these unpalatable truths are hard to swallow, even blood curdling, this information needs to be shared across every dinner table in our humanity.

I dive much deeper in our free eBook, A Food Industry Gone Sour. Please understand that while the focus of this message is the most urgent ingredient destroying life, glyphosate is not the only deadly ingredient in our food. We’ve become a society that is so centered on sensationalism that if I were to fill a shot glass full of glyphosate poison and hand it to you, telling you if you ingest this poison you will surely die, would you drink the laced shot? Most would choose life. However, with every bite, every morning for breakfast, for lunch and likely dinner if you don’t know how to protect and re-provision your knowledge pantry to protect you and your loved ones life, that is precisely what you are doing.

Today, I offer this analogy so you gain perspective on the urgency of this “code red news alert,” to reclaim you own health, and sovereignty, by knowing your ingredients and sharing this life-saving knowledge with your loved ones and sphere of influence until WE empower the message that we must do all we can to avoid ALL foods that are non-organic, from sources you do not know and seek out and support farms who do not use this or other chemicals, and are committed to non-pesticide organic farming, which actually yields 116% more crops than conventional farming methods that have ignored the natural laws of nature.

Co-Creating The Critical Mass Tipping Point – Buy Organics

Organic farming certifications prohibit the use of glyphosate, but because of the water solubility of glyphosate, organic products do not always end up completely free of glyphosate residue. Glyphosate use has skyrocketed in the past two decades, and it maintains the ability to adhere to water and soil particles long enough to travel through the air or in a stream to nearby organic farms. Today, it’s presence in the environment is nearly unavoidable. What organic farming does offer that conventional farming doesn’t is honoring the principles of nature and the refusal to incorporate chemical products like glyphosate into its farming system. While organic farmers may not be able to control residues landing on their crops, voting voice into your dollar helps to insure a future where, together, we reach the critical mass tipping point.

More organic farms mean less farmland with glyphosate usage, which results in less overall glyphosate in the environment. We sometimes forget the power we hold united to reach critical mass tipping points.

What WE Can Do To Reclaim Our Health

Because we’re waking up, there’s a movement and demand for organic. Ten years ago, less than 1% of crops were organic. Today, we’re at 4% organic farms and if we continue to unite with the power-with one another through the voice and vote of dollars, when we push organic demand to 16%, through Monsanto’s (now Bayer) own internal admission, we reach the critical mass tipping point where these Agra-Chem giants will lose their financial footing on controlling our food supply, our health, and future. This is likely the reason that Monsanto dumped their poison onto Bayer, who’s history is responsible for genocide.

Tragically, our children our being taught the falsehood that GMOs will end world hunger. According to a comprehensive 2009 report, Failure to Yield, sponsored by the United Nations and the World Health Organization, authored by more than 400 scientists and signed on by 58 countries, it was concluded that genetically modified foods produce no greater yields. And a 2008 study demonstrated that organic farming methods with little or no chemical fertilizer and pesticide use was able to increase crop yields by 116%, without the devastating environmental, health and economic consequences evidenced with an explosion of diseases directly linked to glyphosate and GMOs.

WE must unschool these belief systems, modeling to our children a return to honoring nature and her natural medicines for the sake of our children, who are our future. The count on us to protect them.

Understanding The Holy Grail “Code Red” Pandemic Of Disease

Researchers peg glyphosate as a potent endocrine disruptor, which interferes with sexual development in children. The chemical compound is a chelator that removes important minerals from the body, including iron, magnesium, zinc, selenium and molybdenum. Roundup disrupts the microbiome destroying beneficial bacteria in the human gut and triggering brain inflammation and other ill effects and blocks a critical P450 enzyme in our liver, which we’ll expose ahead. Glyphosate blocks in the shikimate pathway of our plants that manufacture of life-critical enzymes, amino acids and alkaloids our bodies can only receive from plants.

In the connect-the-dots search to understand what began the decline of our plant’s health, and the reflective decline in our health, we must fundamentally understand what happened to our soils that caused our plant’s immune systems destruction and our ultimate decimation of our immune system’s ability to protect and support life, as health.

Leading the charge of understanding the genesis of where glyphosate began its seeds of destruction began when triple-board certified Dr. Zach Bush and Chief Scientist Dr. John Gildae, with expertise in Molecular Biology, Cell Biology and Cancer Research asked the critical pivotal question, what did we do to the environment between 1982 and 2000 to totally dissipate our health?

In the same way we have misunderstood the gut, we misunderstood soil and farming.

In late 1880’s we changed the way we farm which began our total disconnection to nature’s natural laws and true medicine—plants. We started to disrespect the natural need for crop rotation and soil rest for nutrient regeneration. This led to a massive death of the top soil. This led to the dust bowl that ran through the 1920’s and 30’s. We’re not connected to that history and we’ve forgotten what happened just two short generations ago, where our generations were literally starving to death due to this shift for profits that disconnected us from our connection to honoring and respecting nature and her natural laws. There were houses literally buried in dust. So, just a short time ago, 80 years ago, the soil and its life-support nutrient support was totally destroyed and we started to outsource our food supply by importing and allow the agra-chem giants to begin “manufacturing” the bulk of our food.

Now we have Paleo diets to take us back to cavemen. We don’t need to go back that far. It was just 80 short years ago when we were in touch with our connection to nature and participated in the growing and the raising of our own food. Remember the victory gardens? If not, look them up.

Our social structure and the building of wealth has been earned and won towards a march away from nature, and a march towards convenience. And we’ve divorced ourselves from our ability to feed ourselves true medicine and be truly connected to our food. The pandemic we face in obesity and diseases we face leaves us calorically replete, and nutritionally deplete.

Glyphosate and Autism

Is glyphosate to blame for autism?

Correlation does not equal causation, but on the flip side, I beg you to disprove it!

The autism rate was 1:2,000 just over 30 years ago. As of new statistics released in 2018, the rate is at an alarming 1:36 of our baby’s health is being devasted. According to senior MIT researcher Stephanie Seneff, half of all children will be autistic in 2025, if the rates keep climbing like they have. The higher incidence is not because we have gotten better at diagnosing autism, but because of the increasing sales of GMO crops that are sprayed with herbicides, which started in the mid-1970’s.

It Anthony Samsel who first discovered the connections between glyphosate and autism and all of the modern diseases and alerted federal agencies. Samsel, a scientist and consultant at Samsel Environmental and Public Health Services, has been researching for over 40 decades. We can credit Samsel and MIT’s Dr. Stephanie Seneff for discovering that glyphosate disrupts human enzymes. He also tested and found glyphosate in baby formula and did the extensive glyphosate testing of vaccines. He is still working on various projects concerning glyphosate and remains one of the top scientists in this field, revealing crucial puzzle pieces for our understanding in the interaction of these chemicals with human tissues.

The Appetite of Greed – A Systemic Failing To Feed Life Itself

After WWII, we had all this mechanized warfare. We had huge gluts of petroleum stores these chem giants had to get rid of. They repurposed the petroleum by extracting nitrate phosphorus and we started making chemical fertilizers to treat our soils. The message to the farmers, you don’t need to compost, or rotate or furlough your soils, so farmers ignored the laws of nature and stopped rotating and re-mineralizing crops. In what was known as “the green revolution of the 1960’s,” using these petroleum extracted chemicals, MPK fertilizers, began the first bio-hack weakening our plant’s immune system, without the replenishment by nature of the bacteria and fungi needed to feed the plant’s nutrient and medicine system, which began failing due to this ignorance and arrogance of ignoring nature’s natural laws and environment. When a plant’s immune system goes down, the plants are getting attacked by bugs and disease, so our chemical industry said no problem to the farmer, here’s another weed killer chemical to treat the diseased and weakened plant, without acknowledging and addressing the root cause of crops getting sick was due to a failing biology in the plant itself. Then came the water-soluble antibiotic of glyphosate “Roundup,” to kill our weeds. However, because this weed killer was water-soluble it is systemic and kills all life-supporting good bacteria and fungi for the soil, which in turn, kills the healthy bacteria and fungi we need to support our live systems. The chemicals in Roundup are largely antibiotic, which is their patented descriptor, rather than a weed killer. This chemical being introduced into our environment is the single most successful bio-chemical warfare on the planet responsible for the agent of death—destroying all life in its path. There are 4.5 billion lbs./year of Roundup being sprayed on crops in our world. The chemical glyphosate is patented as an antibiotic. Despite the fact that it is a federal offense to treat anyone with a medicine without their consent, this water-soluble toxin is in nearly all the food we consume today.

The mechanism of the antibiotic glyphosate is to go into the plant’s shikimate pathway and block health critical enzymes of bacteria and fungi and the production of life-essential amino acids. The aromatic amino acids phenylalanine, tyrosine, and tryptophan in plants are not only essential components of protein synthesis, but also serve as precursors for a wide range of secondary metabolites that are important for plant growth as well as for human nutrition and health.  It is this shikimate pathway in plants that produces the amino acids, bacteria and fungi necessary to manufacture and supply the nine essential amino acids that our bodies do not make and can only receive from our plants. Our bodies make 200,000 proteins, and some 20,000 genes. We have this incredibly dumb or simple genome in the sense that a flea has 30,000 genes. So, at the gene level, we’re two-thirds as complicated as a flea. The reality is at the genetic level, we’re very simple, and yet our amazing bio-system makes over 200,000 proteins, that are built from 20 amino acids. So, let’s look at the 26 letters in the English alphabet to form the understanding of the importance of these amino acids in the building of protein synthesis. The vast majority of our letters in the alphabet are useful, but it is the vowels in our language system that demonstrate the importance of what happens if you lose just one vowel, you can affect hundreds of thousands of words. Same thing with our body’s communication system. It is these life-critical nine essential amino acids we can only receive from our plant medicine, where like the vowels in our language, if we remove just one essential amino acid, we lose tens-of-thousands essential proteins necessary to feed and fuel life. So, it turns out that these nine life/health critical essential amino acids only come from plants, as our body doesn’t make them. Where this becomes critical to understanding the direct correlation to our health decimation is it turns out that glyphosate blocks these essential enzymes in the shikimate pathway of plants, which blocks the building blocks and a family of compounds called alkaloids necessary for these plants to make what is necessary to make to provide these amino acids we must receive to maintain a healthy human body, as well as every other mammal on earth, who also depends on this interdependent relationship of plants-to-mammals to supply these necessary amino acids, bacteria and fungi that fuel all life on our planet. So, glyphosate, has literally in the last 15 years subtracted out the medicinal quality of our food that has existed for thousands and thousands of years. This single chemical has decimated our body’s ability to build, maintain and restore a healthy body, because we’ve subtracted out the life-essential amino acid “vowels” to build the proteins necessary for the human communication life-support systems of our perfectly designed body systems critically necessary to protect our body from the destruction of this water-soluble bio-chemical warfare.

The nutrients in the plants can’t be bio-available to humans when it isn’t there because it’s been blocked by the true killer of all life—the antibiotic glyphosate.

Our social structures have been deliberately engineered around our current capitalistic and “sickcare” models, where the building of profits and wealth has been mandated as supreme, which has heart bypassed and created a march away from nature and fed more “consumptive models” that sells us the size of convenience, but what is truly at stake? As such, we’ve divorced ourselves from the knowledge that protects and fosters our ability to be connected to food as the only real source that feeds ourselves nutrient dense medicine from mama earth. The pandemic constellation of modern-day disease we face leaves us calorically replete, and nutritionally deplete.


You Can’t Food Mother Nature – Eat Real Organic Whole Foods

Below is a timeline so you have a visual understanding of the absolute life-saving necessity of removing glyphosate, the antibiotic killer that is destroying all life on our planet:There has never been a more pivotal imperative time on earth to raise the bar on our consciousness. What WE each do in the micro impacts what happens in the macro.

There’s a war for your health and life and it’s happening on your plate.

Our ignorance is no longer bliss, it’s deadly. Only you have the power to apply knowledge-to-action. To protect your health today, you must first understand what is forking up your health, then apply that knowledge to do all that you can to Know Thy Ingredients, as your life and the life of our planet literally depends on us waking up and virally shouting this code-red information, sharing these unpalatable truths until every crumb within our spheres of influence can be warned before the harm to all life systems is irreparable.

WE face, together, A Food Industry Gone Sour and it’s up to you and me to know our ingredients and to know that all life depends on it and then share “the love buzzz…” across our great interconnected oceans, across the streets in our homes, and shout if from our laptops and rooftops, as WE reach out to within our communities and our families across humanity.

In the words of Mahatma Gandhi, “the ways of truth and love have always won.” He also said, “I must continue to bear testimony to truth even if am forsaken by all.” Today, more evolutionary than ever to virally share messages that matter for all life, in the face of a food industry gone sour, we have an ability outside of these diseased systems that perpetuate and feed the insatiable greed that has brought us to where we are. While asking you to share this life-saving message about the need to protect all health may take us each outside of our comfort zones to share unpalatable truths and requires dedicated time, understanding the life criticalness of this message allows us to each tend to the soil of our hearts to ask what WE wish to plant in this lifetime for our future generations? If we sow and plant seeds of love, as truth, WE will prevail. In the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, “we shall match your capacity to inflict suffering by our capacity to endure suffering. We will meet your physical force with soul force. Do to us what you will. And we shall continue to love you.” For our humanity to return the missing ingredient back into the systems of life—love—we must be relentless, until WE can harvest the cornucopia of knowing that truth and love prevailed for our grandbaby’s grandbabies, ad infinitum!

To reclaim the mastering of our own health, there must be a mass refusal to feed the systems, and consciousness, that has created our current state of disease. Our government and it’s incestual links to the EPA, FDA and CDC to The Global Elite’s pharma-chem-agra cartels have already proven their deadly corruptness, boldly confirming that counting or making demands on any governmental agency, at least now, will not be the answer (until we unite and rule by consensus with our dollars). Our answer and technology to end this insanity and gain traction belongs to you and I, individually and collectively, by deciding what WE want the world around us to reflect: the putridness of mindless profit-seeking, at the expense of life, or honoring our co-creative irreducible connective relationship with all the supports bio-systems that sustains earthly health and life for all. The torch of our freedom must never be taken for granted or extinguished. But must pass and be protected as stewards, to serve and preserve all life, from generation to generation.

May ALL life be valued and revered as meaningful… because it is. It is our interconnected relationship to every bio-system of creation’s perfect design, operating as a symbiotic whole, that is the recipe of love from our mama earth that feeds and sustains life thriving.
My vision for our OneTeam (of) Humanity (yes, that is you and me) is to empower our health and sovereignty—our only true wellth. As we know our ingredients and vote voice as civil non-cooperation and non-compliance into our dollars, WE will unite to forever transform the way WE live, eat, commune and love together—one-bite and one-heart-at-a-time!

Isn’t it time that together WE unite to rewrite the book of life to empower and feast on our most delectable and craveable new love story about us?

Stayed tuned. There will be more information on what you can do to participate in The Global Glyphosate Study which is the most pivotal body of evidence needed to eradicate the most deadly bio-chemical warfare our health, bio-eco systems have ever been force-fed to experience.

Our children and animals can’t read. WE can. This urgent life-saving critical message is written with the soul intention for only one group to profit: our children, and their children, who are our future.