GMOs: Genetically Modified Organisms


Let’s Roundup (hint) our knowledge on GMOs…. Who’s behind these hidden deadly pesticides and toxins and fake food? Read as if your very life and those of your loved ones depends on it! Empower yourself….

The hot topic today is GMOs—Genetically Modified Organisms. Does this sound appetizing on your dinner plate and into your body? Hardly.

Today, there is no question that consuming GMOs which are now in 75-95% of our American crops, which are laced with these hidden killers are: corn, soy, sugar beets, potatoes, zucchini, squash, Aspartame (colas and gum and more) and MSG (creates taste neurochemical addictions and deadly diseases).

All of these are buried under deceptive labeling and crafty add campaigns like: soy protein, yeast extract, natural flavors, table salt (sodium chloride) vs. sea salt (which is an absolute necessary in our diets) vegetable oils (nearly all GMO) and even hidden in deceptive labeling of “cage free,” “free-range,” “naturally raised” who are eating GMO food which becomes a toxin in their bodies.

These are toxins we are ingesting when we purchase and eat these foods from our grocers shelves. There are GMO’s hidden in milk and dairy products. Cows, chickens, even farm-raised salmon are being given GMO in their feed, all which directly effects consumers health. Our cows are being fed GMO feed and are being given genetically engineered hormone rbGH, also called rbST, so the only labels you can trust is “Organic” milk, cheeses and related dairy items like yogurt and cottage cheese, to avoid these harmful killers in your bodies and those of your loved ones. If you really want to heal your bodies do some homework and go “raw” milk. It is delicious, fully alkaline (vs. pastuerized milk which is acidic to your body) and nearly a 100% complete food source and helps you sleep like a baby and love your body! Not all states allow raw milk, but you can buy a “time share” in a cow and feed your body and family a healing dose of love loaded with pro-biotics and so much more. Here’s a link to begin your own homework on the benefits of raw milk and cheeses:

Human vaccinations are now irrefutably directly linked to our pandemic of fatal disease that is now threatening not only our health and well-being, but threatening the economic stability of our nation.

Knowledge is power.
Did you know that eating just 33% GMO in your diet is linked to the pandemic rise in disease and death: Cancers, direct links to breast cancer in women and renal cancers in men, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, inflammation (which is the leading cause to all degenerative disease), depression, thyroid, cancers, Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons and the list is growing. Lab rats and mice being fed GMO whose average lifespan is 36 months are showing disease and are dying. This equates to ill health symptoms at the early ages 8-10. This GMO world is affecting our children as we speak! There is a 600% increase in mortality rates and this is effecting millions of people specfically ages of 40-50.

Did you know that Obama appointed an ex Monsanto Officer as head food safety Czar to the FDA? Yes, Michael Taylor, former attorney and Vice President of Monsanto! The one man who may be responsible for more food related illnesses and deaths than anyone in history was promoted to Vice President at Monsanto, a large biotech company. Furthermore, Obama has appointed 14 ex-Monsanto killers into high ranking positions in our key health and welfare positions within multiple Governmental agencies. Read more here.

The FDA is about protecting the economic interests of 5 major GMO companies. In fact, Obama appointed 14 ex Monsanto top brass into highly influential positions into both the USDA and FDA bio-technology industry that directly impacts our family’s health and welfare. Is there conflict with the public health’s best interest?

I don’t know about you, but did you see the news of why over 2 million protestors were marching against GMOs? But, of course were going to see over, and over, and over again some headlines and stories for days some “news worthy” story of some celebrity’s break up or infidelity. This is crazy making and greed at its typical business and usual insanity. As a food manufacturer, I can’t imagine putting anything in food that was not created by Mother nature. The question is: can we even call these mutant genetically modified bacteria’s food? If they are resistant to death by Roundup, what mutations are they causing in our bodies? Who gave anyone the right to mess with mother nature and worse yet, feed it unknowingly to humans, parents and children? And, now that studies irrefutably prove that these are deadly to our health, why are they still on the market in nearly everything we eat?

The argument that GMO is safe, less costly and saving lives is a flat out lie! Take a peek at 14 year old, Rachel Parent, an informed activist, who is on a mission to share truth about GMOs as shameless Kevin O’Leary challenges and plays on our heartstrings as he makes it sound like if we don’t feed GMO rice to children, they will die. This is journalism at its lowest possible degree. GMOs don’t have higher yields, so his arguments are false statements are are clearly showing his obvious boiling because he is losing his paid sponsorships. All this due to powerful arguments presented by a well-educated 14 year old activist who started her activism journey from a school paper and research.

There are many deeper issues at the bottom of this GMO controversy that makes it well worth your time to start connecting the dots for yourself. Humanity is being blatantly lied to. In my mind, this is wholly unacceptable that governmental agencies and news reports that we’ve been told are to protect our health and welfare are at the core of these deceptions and propaganda.

Here are some links to very informational videos and research on GMOs to get you on the journey to empowerment about how you can help:

Neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock to begin the journey into GMOs

Jeffrey Smith, Executive Director and Founder, Institute of Responsible Technology

Moratorium on GMOs in Europe

Every day I am being asked to speak about fluoride and other lethal nuerottoxins in our water, excitotoxins in our food and other toxic ingredients found in nearly all of our manufactured food, GMOs and other health topics to share how they impact our overall well-being. Even our “naturally” labeled products are infused with fake and highly addictive neurochemicals.

Top 10 Foods to Avoid:

  1. Corn
  2. Soy
  3. Sugar (Sugar Beets, look for pure cane sugar)
  4. Aspartame (in even gum and all diet sodas)
  5. Papayas
  6. Canola (all oils)*
  7. Cotton (Cottonseed oil, etc)
  8. Dairy (fed w/GMO, look for RBST free or raw)
  9. Potatoes (yes most Fast Food French fries)
  10. Zucchini & Yellow Squash

This is the most comprehensive 2 year independent (not liked to benefactors of GMO) study done in Europe by a doctor specializing in Environmental health and a Professor Siralini confirming a 600% increase in mortality. This study supported a moratorium in Europe of GMO’s. I think our key decision makers, even 33 degrees the level of the President are incestously linked to The Controller Agenda here in the US. I think they have been genetically modified with a heartless gene, using “soft kill” techniques that are putting profits (ruthless competition and greed) before People is a crime!

Most of our fast food chains and restaurants are using cheap and deadly oils to cook their French fries and food that is fried generally in GMO oils. Remember, WE vote power and can put soul into our voice and our dollar by asking, requesting and vetoing GMOs. We can choose to buy Non-GMO products and support only manufacturers who care and put “People before profits.”

While cooking has always been a passion for me and a way of expressing love to others, you could have never told me I’d find myself in the food manufacturing business talking about GMOs. Of course, then I smile inside knowing that there is no such thing as a coincidence.

WE believe at OneTeam Humanity Foods and NutBurgers that plant-based Goodness From The Earth™ is the bio-photon sunshine that is kissing our bodies, minds and hearts with the missing ingredient in many foods on the shelves today—love.

And the truth is this, there is no love in feeding even ONE animal, pet or loved one any engineered GMO food. Period.