Our Beginning: Natural Products EXPO West “Top Pick” – Carnivores, Little Ones & Vegans alike went NUTZZZ for NutBurgers

Wow… what a ride!! If you would have told me that I’d be in the food manufacturing business, I would have laughed out loud…. But wisdom has shown me to always have an open heart and, in doing so, life has a way of directing our most direct path to love.

It all began officially in January 2013, when a dear friend’s hubby, who was manufacturing organic lunches for schools, was introduced to “NutBurgers.” His 1 ½ year old son spit out his lunch and began shoving NutBurgers into his mouth and Craig said, “have you considered taking this to market, I’d like to introduce you to our co-packer.

Co-packer, huh? What’s that? Fast forward, that was January. I met the plant manager and Chef, Umberto, a robust Italian, whom I’m guessing was thinking, “a NutBurger, this lady is NUTZZZ?!” I’m sure he accommodated the meeting only because of his client, and friend. I met him at Whole Foods and even though I had brought all “the fixins,” he was no-nonsense and said, “no, I want to try just the NutBurger.” Up until that point, I could tell he was skeptical. One bite into the NutBurger, his entire demeanor and countenance changed… “this is really good…bite two… bite three….”

Fast forward, he introduced me to a 30-year food veteran, Susan, who took me under her motherly wing and insisted I get into The Natural’s Product EXPO WEST in end March. We received “Top Pick” by many Vegan Bloggers, Magazines like VeganWorld and Gluten-Free, and oodles of Carnivores gave us testimony of how much they loved NutBurgers and would buy them and recommend them to their family and friends. We had many “new friends” who were Exhibitors and Reps pulling Buyers like Whole Foods and Kroegers over to try a NutBurger. I was underprepared and when Buyers asked for a Sell Sheet, I didn’t even know what a “Sell Sheet” was, but I was joyful to experience a warp speed start, as it was clear that everyone loved NutBurgers. The rest is still history in the making….

We quickly responded to the Buyers/Grocers requests for a couple of new products and so I went to the kitchen and swiftly introduced in May: Thai Coconut NutBurgers and NutBalls and rounded out the line with what we call our “Grand Slam” lineup, adding NutTacos in August, just in the knick of time, a week before we had to fulfill our first Distributor order of the NutTacos, we completed our new boxes and first production run. It will be exciting to see what becomes the people’s favorite as the jury is still out, even within our own growing NutBurger family.

What’s on the horizon? I just completed NutYUMMMS, CACAO POW and introduced them at the Nature’s Best New Product Show in September to see how the Grocers, who are also Customers, liked them…. I think the vote was unanimous—we have another winner!!

The journey is unfolding daily. There is much to learn…. We’ve got Customers all over the US who want our YUMMMM and now we’re learning the ends-and-outs of Distribution and what will be the magic ingredients to rockin this world with nutrient-dense, over-the-top natural flavors that even the Carnivore is going NUTZZZ about!!

Am I partial? Not really…I’m really blessed and humbled to see that my vision of doing what I love can be a WIN-WIN-WIN—serving people—who love what I love to do… And, creating YUMMM that can also feed humanity…. How much better can it get than that?! I think that is what we’re about to find out.

I love creating… it has always been my passion! More to follow… help us share the LOVE BUZZZ!