Pro-active Health

The key to your health is that you become pro-active in defining what components co-create your health, and then actively apply those components in your day-to-day building block choices to take charge of your personal state of well-being.

The 3 key components include:

  • Education
  • Execution
  • Routine Monitoring

When we think of health we may sometimes believe that our eating choices, or our physical activities determine the level of our health. Science, however, has proven that just as important as what we eat, and give our body systems in the way of physical exercise, learning to monitor what we think and how we feel is as important, if not more so, in the co-creation of our overall sense of happiness, which equates to our well-being and how we experience ourselves in the reality of our outer world.

Vegans also suffer from depression, from heart disease, and even famous fitness gurus who have mastered healthy eating and exercise habits, have dropped dead of heart disease or cancer, well before their time. So, common sense tells us is there is something missing from the “how to” equation of ingredients necessary to maintaining a mind-set of lifestyle choices, and beliefs, that will support thriving, and our well-of-being, well into our aging years.

If you think for one minute that our current healthcare or food system supports unbiased information that can provide you the education you need to make sound decisions for you and your family, that will support a healthy body-mind system, than you have become enslaved to the illusion of crafty marketing, social and monetary power-over agendas, which in the end will lead you down the rabbit hole of being faced with an information deficiency in your ability to take responsibility for your own life. Most importantly, relying on that information might also make you just another growing statistic in the rapid spread of dis-ease, obesity, addiction, depression and the downhill spiral of well-being that accompanies not being pro-active and tuned into your own body-mind-heart system, and your health as well as the health of your family.

Let’s look at the 3 components of how you can begin to shift your current level of awareness into a higher wisdom base to make wiser choices to yield a mind-body-spirit triad that will create the necessary A,B,C steps, and foundation, to take pro-active charge of the quality of your life experience, forever.

Education – How do you sort through the sea of information available now through the click of a search engine? If you use the media to rely on your information, and education, you are missing the fact that the sponsors (paid advertisers like big pharma) and media networks are fed by the same controller agendas that have led the world into its current abyss of unrest, dis-ease, obesity and chaos. When it comes to your health, find 2-3 good website sources that are continually researching breakthroughs in science for new healing technologies and get them to send you updates. Set aside a dedicated time into your calendar each week, or daily, that will allow you to expand your conscious awareness about new discoveries, new protocols, and new healing technologies, all available when you expand your current routine by opening your awareness. We will be providing monthly updated links that will be helpful to save you time, a commodity that our current lifestyles value. WE, at Nutburgers and OneTeam Humanity, commit to strive to always give you the most up-to-the-day information on how you can take charge of your well-being.

Execution – We know scientifically that it takes 28 days to create new habits, both beneficial as well as unbeneficial for our overall long term well-being. Breaking unbeneficial habits can be challenging, as oftentimes underneath our choices are the subconscious false “truths” and belief systems that have been embedded into your reactive patterns of choices which are feeding and reinforcing unbeneficial choices. Taking the time to honor yourself, to take care of your mind-body-spirit is the single most important thing you can bring to the table of your relationships, with yourself, and with others, that will support your overall conscious state of well-being and experience in life. When you have made a choice to change anything in life, ask at least 2 friends or family members to be your accountability partners. Ask them to check in daily with you for a month. BE honest, always first with yourself, and then with your accountability partner. Speak to the emotional as well as to the physical needs being met or not met by your choices, so that you can have a reflective partner to help you see areas where your decisions are being guided by blind spots of subconscious beliefs and false truths within you. It is these blindspots and false embedded “truths”, such as I’m not worthy, not valued, appreciated, loved, etc. that are actually causing the suffering, feelings of separation and dis-ease in your body systems. Trust that the faster you open your heart to the possibility that your decisions are being guided subconsciously by mindsets that are false, and that others can see your blindspots when you cannot, the faster your life can become “on purpose,” directed by conscious choices, and experienced as having more satisfaction, joy and an overall growing sense of well-being.

No matter what area of health you are choosing to address: your eating choices, your mental thought choices, your emotional choices, or your physical choices; at the heart of all dysfunctional systems in nature, within you, is an imbalance in one or more areas comprising your well-being. Garbage in, garbage out. What we put into our body-mind-heart systems in the way of our food choices, our thought choices, and our emotional bodies determines the overall sense of well-being that manifests itself into the reality of our eternal health, and life. Remember to honor thyself with extra time for inner reflection, and inquiry, when incorporating any new habits into your life to amplify the chances for your success.

Routine Monitoring – Just like your car needs routine check-ups, and oil changes, so does your mind-body-spirit system need routine monitoring. Make a daily and weekly appointment for intentional choices of service rest, where you can look, expand, and check up on the choices you are making in all three components that contribute to your highest state of overall well-being. We, here at OneTeam Humanity, and Nutburgers, are committed to providing you with state-of-the-art new healing technologies, media and an A-Z Resource Library to support you in your pro-active choice to create your overall health and well-being. The choice to choose to be pro-active in your well-being is an act of freewill. Choosing to love yourself, first, always, is how you can be truly present with the significant loved ones in your life. Love and well-being comes from the love and well-of-being that is generated within you. YOU are the most important key ingredient in living a life of your choosing, rather than allowing life to live you! Take time to quiet yourself, and mind, from the day-to-day routine of life to discover the wonder of our bodies, our minds, and most importantly to learn to listen to the courage, and voice, that comes from within our hearts intelligence that will guide you to the people, and ways of being, that support your deep levels of connection, intimacy and authentic love into the experienced reality of your life. Your very life breath depends on you to prune back the choices at the heart level that are not feeding you with life regenerating energy, which is love.

How do we build a future worth choosing for our babies of our world?

Re-member, money is an energy. What soul choices we breathe into how we spend, and share, our money can co-create the necessary voice, and drivers, to demand the accountability from suppliers to remove those things from our food sources, and life systems, that are unsustainable and contributing to the growing state of dis-ease, and separation, we are experiencing within our body-mind and natural systems.

Help us Share-Forward messages, goods, and services that matter to you… Yes, we can be the change we wish to be in our world for our babies, one-love and one-person at a time, we can, and will, co-create a future worth choosing!

Disclaimer: The information contained herein has fortunately not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Always first learn to listen to your own body, and heart, before consulting or consuming the advice of a trained “professional” for your own care and well-being, is always your choice!