Recently I tried your NutBurgers for the first time, and I am a Huge Fan!
They are the best NutBurgers I have ever tasted! I try to eat mostly vegetarian and gluten free and these are amazing! I have had other nut burgers at restaurants, and tried making them myself, but they would fall apart, and I was hoping that they would eventually be in a store where I could buy them! My dream has come true with your products! I cannot wait to try them all! I love your ingredients, and the texture and taste are INCREDIBLE! Thank you! I love your company and what you stand for!

West Lake Village, Lassen’s Market Shopper

Thanks for forwarding the testimonial to me from one of our happy customers who loves NutBurgers. I was surprised how excited our staff was cutting your product (NutBurgers) into the set.

Joshua Lassen
Lassen’s Natural Foods and Vitamins

We are so enthusiastic about Carla Lee’s Nutburgers not only as a high vibrational food alternative to meat but as an energy resource that truly replenishes body mind and soul. Thanks Carla Lee for creating a delicious food that fuels well being for all who partake and we applaud those outlets and those soon to carry NutBurgers who support the NutBurger mission truly replacing hunger with harmony.

John Connell
Expressway Media

Thank you Carla Lee for your invention of NutBurgers! Recently I heard about NutBurgers from the internet and called the phone number. I was surprised to be able to speak to Carla Lee, who is the founder and CEO of Nutburger and one of the nicest people I have spoken with in a long time. Unfortunately, I can’t buy them here in Carrollton, GA (a small town in rural Georgia.) Being proactive, I hand delivered the “Letter to Grocer” that Carla Lee has on her site to the Publix Manager and Kroger Manager.
I hope to be able to try NutBurgers soon as we need a delicious meat alternative. I have tried several other products and have not liked the taste or texture.

Cathy Austin
Texas EX

I am so excited about incorporating the entire NutBurger line-up into my diet prescription protocol for our Fit Family Forever Program. It is difficult when dieting to find a product that fits everyone in the family’s needs. Food is medicine if it is eaten and selected correctly. The NutBurger is not only a healthy meal or snack, but one that is easy to prepare and loaded with micro and macronutrients. Thank you Carla Lee for being committed to helping others lose weight and get healthy with such an awesome product!”

Dr. Bob, Founder & CEO
Body of Knowledge, Inc. / Fit Family Forever

The first time I tried a nut burger I said, “This is amazing! What’s in it?” I didn’t believe it was really a nut burger. I love it because they are extremely healthy and easy! That’s my favorite kind of food! Just as much for me, I love Nut Burgers because I know Carla and her mission to feed the hungry and have a global impact for good. You can not go wrong being a dedicated customer of Nut Burgers!

Jevon Perra

I luv luv Nutburgers! It’s my healthy new addiction, as a nutritarian, I am totally aware of foods that are packed with delicious flavor, plant based proteins, micronutrients, and creativity. I get the BEST of both worlds and can share them with everyone I know with confidence! THANKS Carla Lee for making me into the biggest nut butt ever!!! 🙂

Janine Tang
Senior Associate, Rosano Partners

I’m writing to you about the possibility of featuring the Nut Burger on my blog. I didn’t get the chance to meet you at the expo, but I was able to sample the Nut Burger and speak with your associate. Your product was one of the best new items that I stumbled upon, and I’m very excited about the prospect of recommending it to my readers. My blog focuses on a vegan lifestyle and products; food is, of course, a key component of the blog. I am careful to only recommend products that are completely vegan and use natural ingredients; of course, I also have to be able to vouch for the quality/taste of the products. The burger I tasted was crazy delicious.

Dirty Rotten Vegan

I love NutBurgers and NutBalls! Love ‘em! But my favorite of the bunch are the Nut Tacos, because I rarely take the time to cook for myself and they are a ready made and nutritious meal. They taste so good, I mostly eat ‘em plain. However, it becomes infinitely more difficult to decide which I like best when someone is cooking a NutBurgers meal for me. I’m always recommending them to friends, family, and even store employees when I am asking them when they are getting more in stock!

David Lyon