The Gift of Life

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” ~Albert Einstein

Dear Storyteller, StoryMaker & EarthKeeper:

Human Evolution is at a crossroads where multi-millennial old myths about human potential and what WE are truly here for is being shattered; as consciousness is seeking to evolve beyond the current “power-over” tyrannical enslavement systems at play; sucking lifeforce energy and joy from our lives; for the lie of the deliberately engineered “American Dream,” which is designed to ensnare and enslave us from cradle to grave.

The chaos that many are palpably experiencing just below the surface of feeling trapped in these enslavement programs is precisely the catalyst needed for our own inner drive to expand beyond the limitations of a world that has pressed the limits of our most treasured mother nature and the resources that we’ve been entrusted with.

There is no doubt that much of the decay and residue we are still experiencing are the remnants of old systems collapsing as WE are making choices to uplevel our consciousness by choosing love (over the programming of fear) and aligning to the unity models for life: based in “power-with” unity, in business and in our relationships. Many are awakening from the illusion and choosing to be involved in birthing a macro-cultural shift toward personal responsibility, sovereignty and aligning to support what unites us (rather than what divides us) to achieve an improved quality of life for all of humanity’s inhabitants.

Now, humanity sits at a precipice to rewrite our own epic love story; a story akin to our highest and truest nature of unconditional love and unity.

Why am I choosing this topic in a food blog? Simple, yet not. After entering the food business through pure synchronicities, every day I understand a little more than the day before exactly why I am here—to provide and empower our sovereignty in the way WE eat, the way WE live and the way WE view and relate to one another in our world.

When I realized that most food we eat today is what is making us sick, it was then that the dots connected and my true purpose and role began to unfold. I am blessed to be “on the front lines” sharing nutrient-dense truly “craveable” food that does feed our bodies from the inside/out while I am meeting and connecting to so many amazing people who do care. We endearingly coined a new term: our “new members of our growing NutBurger family.” It has become crystalline clear to me that WE, The People, do hold the power and WE truly can change the world one-bite, one-person and one-heart at a time… And do so, “in the blink of an eye” relative to time.

How do you eat an elephant that has become so BIG and killer mean? By understanding that our liberation and true sovereignty is bound to one another. When we each take the time to ask the tough questions that allows us to make changes within our own lifestyles and vote soul into our dollar in the choices we make as our united voice, WE each then build the momentum necessary to reach the critical mass tipping point individually, yet collectively to rewrite our own book of life.

Today, ignorance is no longer bliss, it’s deadly. We can’t count on our Governmental agencies to protect us, our health or well-being. We must delve deep into our own hearts where our source intelligence directs the choices we each need for our very unique path of service, which is always accessible when we learn how to listen to our bodies and minds, through our hearts.

Diseases like Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ADHD, Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease and horrible auto immune diseases that are on a pandemic rise today are all directly linked to toxic chemicals being laced into our food, our water, our skies, feed from allowing the stress that so many breathe within 24/7 in our lives. Keeping your immune system’s National Guard’s t-cells and our lymphatic system at its optimum is critical so we can ward off these “slow kill techniques.” Our true sovereignty and inner peace comes about from seeking truth, knowledge and our own empowerment.

I wanted to share with gratitude this Thanksgiving what I have finally found after years of research. I have discovered the 57 whole cell nutrients our cells need do their job; kill the mutant cells and viruses that enter into or mutate from within our bodies. Today, our bodies are not getting the whole cell food they need no matter how healthy we believe we eat. Our soils are depleted and the food our cells need is missing from our fast-paced lives and diets. Missing even one trace mineral that our enzymes need, which are the walkie-talkies and factory workers to carry out the DNA orders of where our protector cells need to go to attack and kill mutant cells and viruses, means that the communication system of our body is disconnected and can’t hear the message.

A diagnosis is a symptom, nature’s way of communicating, that our immune system has been compromised and weakened; tipped in favor of that virus, nothing more, nothing less. Why wait until our body’s immune system has been overtaken and needs our immediate attention? WE now have the power to feed our bodies what we need to protect ourselves from the stresses and toxins that lead us to disease and cellular breakdown. And, of course, nature has always provided the answer.

Today, more than ever, equipping your body with the knowledge it needs and the tools it needs to fend off these what I call “crimes against humanity” is soooo important for ourselves and our loved ones.

Nearly 100 years ago a Scientist, Karl Jurak, who life’s work studied animals and our plant kingdom seeking the answer from nature of what our cells needed to keep our bodies in homeostasis. Through is dedication he discovered every whole cell bi-directional nutrients our cells need as food to do what our perfectly designed bio-system is designed to do: survive and thrive.

Untitled-3Without turning this blog into a novel, there is a whole cell food tonic and an immune defense booster, what one could call a virus “slimer” that prevents these sticky tentacles from attaching themselves to our healthy cells to prevent what doctors keep preaching, “viruses just have to run their course (even if they can kill us)”. Viruses like the cold, flu, herpes, shingles, hepititus, mononucleosis and deadly viruses like ebola, west nile and the HIV virus can be prevented from destroying our life force. The best part is we can take these defense boosters for a cost per month which is less than we spend on a moderately priced unhealthy meal. And, the ingredients are from nature and they are here from nature to protect your life and that of your loved ones!

A Virus cell is a lean parasite that has sticky tentacles that attach themselves to our healthy cells to survive and convert those cells into virus-producing mini factories. The virus can do nothing without sticking to its host cell with a receptor binding protein.

In my journey, I have been blessed in working with the world’s leading microbiologists, quantum and neuro scientists and brave doctors who have stepped out on the front lines to speak up against our current medical systems, it’s governing regulating “authorities” who are tied to the payroll of special interests and have bought the “kool-aid” and the double frap deccepicino which is robbing our lives of quality, essence and truth. The truth is that cancer is an $800B a year industry that has more employed in that field (protecting their grant money trough and lifestyles protecting the pharmaceutical cartel’s monopoly) than people dying from cancer. These courageous doctors and innovative healers advocating alternative healing therapies have been branded as charlatans or quacks and their treatments have been denounced as worthless or worse yet have been personally threatened, prosecuted or ruthlessly attacked by the scientists and Global Elitists who have been selling us out for generations.

I can promise you that if I ever recommend any products, it will be only, always, be done without motive for financial gain and with my pure conviction that they provide an answer to keeping our bodies thriving and our lives in harmony. These two immune boosting agents I am urging our humanity to consider, to not living a day without. These life generating protections, from nature, empower your body to protect against the toxins we are receiving in our food, our water and our air and were created from real Warriors who truly care about yours and my highest good and well-being.

We will be offering these two products at the first of the year on our new e-Commerce site along with bringing our entire frozen “love in a box” meals and purely healthy snacks fresh to your doorstep.

In closing I’ll share, while in the pursuit for truth, I have learned one thing. Truth has a certain frequency carried within it; it feels good, light and peaceful. My goal is to always search for the finest, purest ingredients from Mama Earth to empower, heal and return back to us what the “locusts have eaten”—our true sovereignty and rights to live in true health, true prosperity and in full connection to our essence of love, from within, to be shared with one another and all life on our most treasured planet. May we all take a moment of pause during these times of Thanksgiving to celebrate our most treasured gift—life—which begins and is co-created from love that we co-create from the inside/out.

May 2015 bless each one of us with times of silence, reflection and dedication to relentless service to our true health, highest well-being and shared humanhood! While hearing some truths are unpalatable and spike the blood pressure with righteous indignation, I believe that WE, The People—our humanity—with good old fashioned Warrior guts, character and iron-clad capacity to love will continue to empower others to truth. I believe WE can and will prevail. Because when women and men lead with their hearts and put their minds to something, the mightiest walls of oppression and illusion can and will be shattered.

Ultimately, our greatest enemy is apathy. I am “all in” and invite our growing NutBurger family to join our OneTeam and share as we call it “The Love BUZZZ…”

May this Thanksgiving be filled with extra heapings of laughter, love and restoration as WE all prepare to contribute to re-writing our book of life as 2015 sounds the tones and frequency of love within and around our world!