Toxins in Your Food Supply: If You Only Knew

I’m going to get right to the point. There are some dangerous, even deadly, toxins being added to our food supply and it’s hidden behind deceptive labeling.

Remember, knowledge is power. Your very life and those of your loved ones now depends on it. If you wait until your body is giving you “symptoms” it may be too late.

Since entering the food business, I’ve been like a frenzied student on many all-nighters (ok, a tinsy stretch of creative penmanship cuz I honor my body’s need for sleep) cramming for finals. I am sickened, and angry, that this deception could be tolerated at any level. Of course, at the root, is once again, GREED. In many ways, I knew nothing, even though I’ve always been a student and seeker of truth and after being in 1,000’s of open heart surgeries, seen stents and balloons inserted in 30 and 40 year-olds and have seen the ravages of cancer, heart disease and diabetes on our bodies personally, I have been fascinated and been on a personal journey to learn how and why this is happening, and expose these truths. Make no mistakes, our healthcare system is not about our health, it’s a multi-trillion dollar industry that gets paid when we get sick. Once you begin to connect the dots, you’ll see that the systems at play are incestuously related.

I’m going to let you do the homework. I’ll point your GPS in the right direction by providing enough information and facts that you will see that eating food today, to enjoy a healthy immune system tomorrow is our individual responsibility that our life truly depends on. Together, I believe, WE can spread “The Love BUZZZ™, and share forward messages that matter, because we obviously, and tragically, can’t count on our Government, or its Agencies, to protect our “rights to happiness” or health.

Here’s a resource compiled over 20 years and updated in May 2013 by The Truth In Labeling Campaign, that will arm you with knowledge, which demonstrates the deceptive labeling that is so pervasive on the shelves of even your “Natural” products that we trust are supposed to be healthy. You can find that here.

If we only knew…How does this kind of deception occur? That’s a MSG loaded with a sprinkling of Sodium Nitrate added kinda question…. Food lobby, special interests and BIG dollars.

To learn that MSG is in chicken-pox vaccine that is being given to our babies, one might ask a simple question, why? BTW… surprise, surprise, there are other neurotoxins being added into other vaccinations you should also equip your divinely created bio-computer (which is not user toxin friendly) with the spyware it needs to avoid these “viruses”.

We have clinical research and evidence that MSG creates toxicity, lesions and major implications in our brains, and resulting health. Neuro Surgeon & Author, Dr. Russell Blaylock, who is a foremost authority and author of: Excitotoxins, “The Taste that Kills” has done some undisputable research and is dedicated to advocacy and media interviews.

Here’s a YouTube for your perusal that might just flush your righteous anger centers:

This research and evidence knows that the area of our brain affected by MSG is contributing to our pandemic of obesity, just to name one deadly disease effective by this Excitotoxin.

The amount of MSG in our food has doubled, every decade. While I’m primarily centering this article around MSG, when you wake up and smell the double frap decepoccino, you too might ask for the expresso lane to the back of the boxes and take a crash course, like I did, in loving your body….

If you don’t do it, who will?

There’s a saying which I’m not a supporter of, but for the purposes of utilizing the Law of Right Action, and for the sake of this discussion, the saying, “Don’t get mad, get even” might be applicable here. When did we lose our rights as Citizens and become labeled as “Consumers,” becoming prisoners without bars, labeled as barcodes? At some point someone, somewhere, somehow forgot that profits are generated by “The People.” When we vote soul into our money by stop buying products that are “dead,” loaded with fillers, toxic ingredients, additives and exercise our voice to share the news with others, and ask our Grocers for food our bodies love, WE each do our part in contributing to co-creating a sustainable world and future with choosing.

One day, sooner, or later, the manufacturers will realize, hummmm…. Why are we losing all of our “profits” to “NutBurgers” and other food manufacturers who are also committed “foodies” making food with consciousness and lifeforce energy who truly care? My guess is they’ll go NUTZZZ buzzing straight to the Board, and science labs (vs. kitchens, a little punnn, how funnn) and hopefully reformulate their so called food, with real food and real spices. I envision a day of “power-with” commerce and a market that knows that when WE serve The People, first, always, then WE can all experience what a real authentic WIN-WIN model for commerce looks like. Then, WE, The People, can relax and feel more trusting that the “craveable” won’t come from addictive substances and toxins that hurt us, but instead will come from our body’s response of saying “thank you!” for feeding me nutrient-dense, craveable, Lifeforce Bio-Photon Energy that comes from the Goodness From The Earth!™

That’s our motto at OneTeam Humanity Foods and NutBurgers and you have my word… I’m sticking to it!

Integrity = One’s word. Our word is the only thing that measures and defines one’s virtue and character. Yes, companies in my world also have integrity and character. Won’t you join me “all in” in co-creating an epic new love story about us?