Veganomics: A Mainstream Cross-over For A Healthier Life

It isn’t just the “Vegan” anymore who is looking for plant-based, nutrient dense, food. There is a growing “Veganomics” trend of meat-eaters, Mothers and the awakening masses who are looking for alternatives to their daily food choices.

I didn’t choose this market, this market choose me? I am more and more, daily, understanding the why’s I have chosen to transfer my life-long pursuit of truth, and my passion for creating food, as I learn more about our food industry and the direct correlation in the growing pandemic of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and many other life-threatening diseases, all linked directly to toxins found in our foods and water.

Knowledge is power. Ignorance is simply a lack of knowledge. How can we get the real “skinny on fats,” for example, when the messaging and interests supporting that messaging are the paid advertisers who directly benefit from our unhealthy eating, dis-ease and lack of knowledge?

That’s a yummy question worthy of exploration.

Bottom line, the rising trend of “Veganomics” is being driven by the Consumer demanding healthy food choices for themselves and their families. Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free and NON-GMO food, once only available in specialty Natural Food Grocers is now crossing over into mainstream Grocery chains… And, many meat eaters are now looking for meatless choices to add into their weekly meal choices.

Additionally, because of the growing awareness due to the many new films, and “foodies” out exposing “the truths” about our food, WE The People, are waking up across America and are voting with our dollars.

Perhaps that is why food found me. In 2006, my life radically changed and since that time I have dedicated my life to filmmaking, writing, speaking and “exposing truths.” Entering the food business has allowed my voice to become even more fervent; speaking with my action by making plant-based, nutrient-dense alternatives that don’t taste like cardboard, aren’t loaded with soy, or fillers, and can empower our families with food choices that their bodies love and that are also “craveable…”

Got Super-Sized?

Here’s a quick run-down on the facts: In 1970, Americans spent $6B on fast food. In 2000, we have become a fast-food dependent society that contributes over $100B, more than 90% of our food allocation dollars on fast-food. That’s more money that we spend on education, computers, and new cars.

In our busy lives, we’ve become a fast-fix, got-to-have-it-now, society. Our lives have been consumed with more, but if we ask ourselves, ultimately, is this way of living co-creating more fulfillment and love in our life, or less? Have we all been locked in a prison without bars, becoming a prisoner to barcodes and subliminal 24/7 bombardment messaging? We have faster cars, bigger bank accounts, less time. We have Viagra to keep it up and Prozac to keep it down, but are we happier? I think we are beginning to all experience the effects of living lives that do not honor our basic primordial needs… to love and to grow. Millions are being called to turn inward and ask the big questions and refocus our lives.

Ultimately, our consciousness and awakening depends on loving ourselves, and our bodies, first, always. When we are present, within ourselves, we can be present with those we love. The old adage, if the plane is going down, we must first put the oxygen mask on ourselves. The numbers don’t lie… wait a minute, hummmm…. Guess that depends on who’s reporting the numbers, LOL!

I wasn’t a Vegan or Vegetarian when I began making NutBurgers. I’d been on a path of healthier food choices for years, but hadn’t been able to find any food that really rocked my world or allowed me to consider taking meat from my diet. Something happened between January and now…. I dug deep into researching and learning. Not only was I shocked to learn the real “politics” around why toxins are in our food, but my life’s passion is about creating new dialogues about “food” and “enoughness….” “because at the root of all this contamination to our families health and life is greed. “ And, because in the thousands I have spoken with, I knew at a deep level, WE are hungry, in fact, starving on many levels for real substantive change in our lives.

Perhaps I’ve roamed a bit astray from the economics behind the exponential growth of plant-based nutrient dense food sources, but in the end, and beginning, knowledge is power and the more we know, the less likely we are to continue to perpetuate or “feed” the systems that we know have created this growing healthcare crisis we now face individually and as a nation. More important than all of the “politics” is that our bodies are “craving” food that is nutrient dense, and the bottom line is, our families are voting with their voice and dollars to make healthier choices, period.

What’s exciting to see is that the deemed “Carnivore” has said in market surveys, and directly to me, that they would and want to make healthier food choices, and do, when they can find a meal choice that meets their needs for flavor, and satiation, as well. A rare, but growing , commodity, indeed.

That’s where I get to play in the game… I know how to create YUMMMM and while I didn’t set out to “create” anything for a mass market…. I am grateful that I can participate and give back by being a part of the big conversations happening all over the world. When I hear the little ones, the Carnivore, and the Vegan alike telling me they “crave” NutBurgers™, I smile from the inside/out and know that their bodies are who is “craving” them and thanking them for finally feeding them something that is feeding them from the inside/out.

Doctors and Nutritionists are building diet protocols around our products because they are a nearly 100% complete food source, loaded with Coconut Amino Acids, and good fats (again, another misinformation making us fat. See “The Skinny on Fats, September Blog), packed with nutrient-dense Goodness From The Earth™ that satisfies your tummy and taste buds for hours on end.

Natural Food is no longer for the “hippie”, “The Vegan,” or “Vegetarian.” Food sourced from our Earth feeds our bodies with bio-photon energy— prana— lifeforce energy which fuels not only our minds ability to expand and grow, but it expands and reconnects our capacities, at every cellular level, to begin to truly love ourselves from the inside/out and experience our irreducible connection to nature; to participate in the new story epic love story about us co-creating a sustainable future worth choosing….

Your voice matters. Tell your Grocer you want NutBurgers in their freezer (we’ve got a “Letter to Grocer” on our home page)…Voice-to-Voice, Heart-to-Heart, One-Person-At-A-Time is how you eat the elephant. Share forward this message about the missing ingredient from most of our current food sources: Love, The Lifeforce Energy that supports us thriving!! Shall we get this party started?