When is Enough, Enough?

I look in my closet and wonder why my closet is full, tags still hanging on clothes years old, yet I wear the same few things every week. I look down at the shoes that have piled up over the years, yet I wear mostly the same “favorites.” Yes, I’ve given away much and downsized to my current state of “enough,” but to my amazement I realize that I don’t even remember what is in my storage unit, and my jewelry box and kitchen is still brimming over with “things,” leftovers from a life that once lived me. Until…in 2006, a massive download shifted every belief I carried about life, what matter, why we’re here and redefined every cellular aspect of my relationship to our world and my understanding of reality.

In a world with a 24/7 steady stream of messaging that tells us we’re not somebody (enough) and whispers you’ll just be happy when you finally have this car, wife, husband, diploma, house, title, etc. Until, suddenly you take inner stock of your heart inventory and begin to wake up from this merry-go-round dead end-cul-de-sac quest for more. In those moments of connect the dots of how we got to where we are, you re-cognize that the very “gadget” we just have to have to be happy is the exact reason our lives have become enslaved into lives with little or no room to breathe, expand and discover who we truly are and is what truly impassions us making us spring out of bed in the morning, full of love and gratitude for life? Are we okay with being measured by the “things” we possess or is the bigger, better question: Are we owned by what possesses us?

Have you asked yourself: “When is enough, enough?”

In a world of fancy iphones, navigation systems that move us to and fro, computerized robots and artificial intelligence nanotechnology that is designed to “replace” us for cheaper and less “dramas” as humans, breasts that stay young forever, Viagra to keep it up and Prozac to keep it down, when did WE become “downgraded” from citizens to be labeled as “consumers?” In a world of bigger bank accounts and faster cars, we have less time, less patience. Our self-help books and secrets about the law of attraction are really just selling us a better version of “me” that keeps us striving and stuck in an illusion that keeps us lusting for more, more, more; for a hotter body, a bigger home, bigger boobs, a hotter new model, when in fact, the very things we think will make us happy are building ourselves into prisons without barcodes, enslaved by a fear-based system that has us barely having enough time to truly enjoy what matters or discover what our true purpose is in life. In this game of “he/she who dies with the most toys wins” mentality that perpetuates separation, and greed, what are the real costs, to our relationships, our world, and the quality of life? We aren’t teaching our children how to love or truly communicate. In a world so connected, we are more isolated and disconnected than ever, all in our external pursuit for “more” happiness.

We live in an illusion that we are free. This is a deliberately engineered fear-based matrix of systems which are designed to keep us enslaved “sheeple” from cradle to grave, feeding the insatiable greed that kills the human spirit of hope and collaboration, denying us the truth of who we are and were created to be—powerful Co-Creators and unified collaborators here to rewrite the new epic love story about us.

The only path to enoughness and real happiness is discovered from the time we journey within. In the pursuit for external material wealth, we are making monumental sacrifices from connecting the fountainhead of presence to listen to the silence that unveils truth: there is no separation and WE all share the same needs: first, for our very basic of needs of food, shelter and connection to know WE matter, and are valued not because of what we have or do, but because of the “who” that is living inside us, waiting to unlock our passion by sitting still long enough to discover our unique puzzle piece that we bring to this game called life.

This enoughness conversation, which is our creed at OneTeam Humanity, is calling each one of us to do our own inner cleaning of our closet, to give away those things that we don’t use that could bless others and take stock of our hearts— the home where we discover that WE have always been enough and that together, helping and loving each other, WE will always have enough.

WE are the answer and technology we’ve all been waiting for. If WE each stop and create “the gap” before we buy the next this, or waste something that WE don’t need and bless our Brothers and Sisters in need, I believe, that in the “blink of an eye” WE will unlock and mix up the superfood magic elixir—the missing ingredient—love. I’ve decided what enough is. As long as I have food in my belly and a roof over my head, and friends and family who love me for me… I have more riches than the “Global Elite” could ever have.

Did you know that it would take $17B to eradicate hunger off the face of our planet? Guess how much we spend on ice cream—$44Billion greenbacks. Imagine what it would be like if ALL of us just gave up a little bit until WE eradicate the needless human suffering that is everywhere with no end in sight. Could we each, would you be willing to give up just one less pair of shoes, one less cup of coffee, one less martini, or one less ice-cream each month to co-create a future worth choosing?

Every day, in each moment of trigger or impulse, WE each have the opportunity to create “a gap” and choose love, which always is enough, over our conditioned fear.

Remember, it is in the silence (the gap) where everything gets created. Living in the question creates the space to rewrite the book of your life. Here’s some questions to create enoughness in your life and world:

“Do I really need to eat this?”
“Must I have this pair of shoes right now?”
“Is a Mercedes really all that?”
“I have so many clothes at home that I never wear, will I be o.k. if I don’t buy this right now?”
“Do I need to sign up the kids for one more sport?

“How can I contribute to a future worth choosing?

Consumerism is a social and economic disorder encouraged by the media to purchase goods and services in ever-greater amounts than what we could possibly ever need. We are brainwashed by visual attacks of over 3000 images a day. How we see and feel is based on a constant stream of audio/visual stimuli streaming 24/7 blitzes comparing us and telling us what we need to be “enough” brainwashing our babies as we sit them in front of the television “programming.”

mahatma-gandhiMathama’s Gandhi’s great grandson Presad Paritosh said at a Gandhi Peace Train I attended which hasn’t left me years later. If we call ourselves Christians or caring and really believe we are Brothers and Sisters than the way it works at our dinner table is the sick and the young eat first.

There’s a great metaphoric word picture about the difference between living in heaven or hell. Give yourself and a friend a spoon. Tie your hands mentally behind your back. Put a narrow cup full of delicious food in front of you. Imagine you’re starving and haven’t eaten for days. You can only feed yourself with the spoon and your mouth because you can’t reach the food without the length of the spoon. In hell, you’re so focused on feeding yourself that you starve because you can’t get the food out of the cup with the spoon and feed yourself. In heaven, you quickly realize that your spoon can reach to be blessed with the very last morsel in the cup by feeding one another.

The Separation Story: WE wake up at dawn like the living dead, as the alarm goes off to head off to jobs that we don’t like or want to go to, so we can start all over again the next day. Many are locked into relationships that are not filled with love, because of the almighty. To mask our complacency, and pain, millions are eating, swallowing and drinking misery stabilizers like alcohol, anti-depressants, workaholism, sexism and pornography, drugs and even shopping and working out, to the tune of trillions of dollars to numb out the voice that is screaming to get our attention. WE will never have enough if we keep looking for “love” in all the wrong places and faces. Who are we separating from? Ourselves and what is really alive within us calling us to action.

These deliberately contrived systems have been masterfully crafted are intentionally engineered to keep us sleeping and distracted from discovering that WE, united and focused, rather than the old unsustainable systems of separation and greed, is what will call out game over and shatter the illusions that keep us never feeling like we’re “enough.”

Self-love means your worthy and enough, just because you are born! Once you fill your cup from the fulcrum point of where enoughness resides, your heart, you discover that all along, you’ve always been more than “enough.”

Key tools to redefine your book of life: Stay in the question, create “the gap,” and as you release your attachments to worldly possessions and begin to give from the heart, not because you have to or should, or expect anything in return, but because it feels yummy, and because WE humans are designed to contribute to one another and make life more wonderful. As WE each do our part by giving, WE, unified, will soon discover WE can make a significant difference?

There is the simple pleasure that will rock your world when you gain this deep inner sense of contentment. I have enough and now I am free to help others have enough!contentment(1)

After all, in the beginning and end, isn’t it the raindrop, a baby’s smile, a warm welcome, a vibrant yellow flower, a rainbow, or a hug from a friend or loved one that reminds us that the formula for enoughness is simple. Give more than you take. Love more than you did a moment before.

It is our fundamental birthright to have our basic needs met and yet millions are hungry and homeless.

WE fear death because regardless of the “stature” life we’ve accomplished, we will die empty and brokenhearted if we haven’t learned to live in the “enoughness” of love for ourselves, and for our Brothers and Sisters. Self-love and knowing your worthy and “enough” is the first step to our individual and shared liberation. Remind yourself as you catch yourself in judgment or comparison that you are, and your loved ones are enough just because you/they are!

WE at OneTeam Humanity Foods are committed to living “enoughness” from the inside/out. Join us in sharing “The Love BUZZZZ….”Never was there a time when you were not enough.”

When WE each begin to see the world as irreducibly interconnected as part of the “ONE” unified consciousness and that what we do or do not do for the least of our Brothers or Sisters that WE, ultimately, do or do not do unto ourselves. Then, WE will have amassed something more precious than any gold or treasures… For WE will have discover the fountainhead that quenches all thirst and births forth life for every living sentient being—love—shared is always “enough.”

Then suddenly One-Heart and One-Person At-A-Time the unexpected becomes, in fact, the expected new shared reality. In this now, WE will have co-created the new epic love story about “enoughness….”

Enoughness feels like home. DO YOU FEEL LIKE HOME?

I would love to hear your “ENOUGHNESS” conversation and what changes you have made. WE are here to learn and grow together. Please share with me at Carla@NutBurgers.com.